Brangelina Split: Breaking News Or Just Hype

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt decided to part ways and the world knows about it! People are going crazy thinking about how the ‘power couple’ can separate because apparently, they are the next best thing after GOD and supposed to be perfect.

brangelina split

The sheer obsession the media has for couples breaking up is in some ways nihilistic because more than grief or disappointment it is about “Jenifer Aniston is happy” and even when Angelina Jolie requests privacy the paparazzi is sure to ignore it and spill every nitty-gritty detail on the internet.

WESTWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 17: Actress Jennifer Aniston arrives at the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Storks" at Regency Village Theatre on September 17, 2016 in Westwood, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

A Trend That Should Not Be!

Divided by boundaries but united by gossip the ‘Brangelina’ split has highlighted the intense need people have to know everything about their favourite stars. It is true that celebrity status makes your life public-there are no more secrets or moments the media won’t show the world.  

Add to this how desperate the media networks are to sensationalize news and make good TRP figures, plus the so-called publicity strategy often used to boost popularity which includes using relationships ( breaking or making them depending upon the need of the hour) and no one truly believes in the longevity of these relationships.

But the madness that surrounds these news (or gossips, to be exact) says something tragic about the human society.  We have gone down a road where personal pleasure is the most important thing no matter the cost.

The almost voyeuristic tendency of society to find imperfections in people who they think led perfect lives. People look to celebrities as a form of escapism, something the media satiates and perpetuates with details of their lives.

Our obsession has created a vicious circle of stupidity that continues to grow stronger because hey, we are but foolish mortals.

The Wrong Service

What we want the media serves us on a platter but not what needs to be served.

Let’s talk about the current world emotional crises ‘Brangelina split’, So the Pitts had problems since the last year and Jolie decided to file for divorce along with custody of all the kids and that’s where the story ends but no, if you read up an article on the split you will learn about their parents, their acting careers and all about their personal life.

What they love to eat, wear and drink. How is any of that related to the split?

Brangelina split

There will be all kinds of gossip about who is responsible, who cheated and other stuff which will never help you, like ever!

No one talked about how Indian forces repelled another Pakistani intrusion through LoC or how 7 militants were shot down in Kashmir by the army and no reports about this event in the light of Uri attack is a new low for Indian media.If media is called the fourth pillar of democracy then it needs to start acting as one.

Sensationalism is not news and if gaining TRP is what media houses have become then they better shut down.

Celebrities’ lives are not news they are just humans and as soon as we realize this fact we will begin to see ‘news’ and not gossip in its place.

Brangelina has truly broken up and my faith in English dictionary has been restored.

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