A Record 31 Indian Universities in Top University Rankings: Hopefully A Step Towards Improving The Education Sector

When a record 31 Indian universities make it to Top University Rankings, one has to wonder if we are doing something right.

The Indian education system, has never really been the best, no offence.

For all that we give importance to our cultural education and the learned beings that India boasts off, who have invented great things, we very often, misunderstand what exactly education means.

Education for many is all about getting good or top marks, and then taking an appropriate stream like mathematics or science.

Stressing on rot learning and getting good marks at tests and such was seen as the basis of whether one is likely to succeed or not.

But clearly, the latest Top University Rankings seem to be saying something different, as a massive amount of 31 Indian universities have made it to their coveted list.

The Indian Institute of Science leading the list in the bracket of 201- 250, which in itself is a big thing.


Although we are still quite far away from the prestigious Top 200 category, but hopefully we will soon see a few more Indian universities climb up the ranks.

It is quite a moment of achievement, and to a certain extent I feel proud of what we as a country have gained.

There have been obvious changes made to the education system, first and foremost was the inclusion of global benchmarking exercises.

Students are now more encouraged to think outside the box, marks are still as important, but along with that, certain schools have tried to make changes to the curriculum, in order to promote a holistic development of the kids.


Still I do have to say that this is not the end guys.

We have to go a long way until we can get not just into the Top 200 but also have a vast and diverse list of universities.

One thing I noticed was that almost all of these universities are science or engineering related ones.

Our education system has many more changes to make, enough so that even the general universities that are not primarily science or mathematics related, can enter into this list.

Signing off, I would just like to say that sure 31 universities being considered as the top universities in the world is no small feat, but we are no where even close to being done. Education in the rural areas, government colleges and more need to improve on an overall basis.

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