‘This Taxi Respects Women’: A New Strategy To Ensure Safety Of Women When Using Cabs


So as a person who just detests the Delhi traffic and is deathly afraid of taking out their car into this jungle, I am of those who prefer public transport over using one’s own personal car.

The few times I have driven, have been nothing short of an anxiety ridden experience with my eyes flying around everywhere, and basically driving at the speed of 30.

Thus, I myself prefer the public modes of transport, and of course the metro and our Delhi autos are a big part of this. Helping me get from point A to B easily and usually without much hassle.

*key word to keep in mind is usually*

In the past few years, cab services have greatly increased, and Ola and Uber for the most part are some of the best services to use with their affordable rates and widespread network.

But along with the pros it also has its cons, mainly the rise in crime of harassment, molestation and even rape of women cab users by their drivers.

All this has greatly affected the safety issue and made many women wary of using cab services, even during the day time.

However, I have noticed that a technique that a few of these cab companies and the Transport Department are taking is having the cars equipped with a sign of ‘This Taxi Respects Women’.


It definitely looks like a good strategy, as it creates an environment of safety, along with perhaps bringing in a moral standard for the driver too, as having such a sticker would remind them to not do anything wrong.

On my part, I don’t really think that putting a sticker on the car really help in any way, as people can still do wrong and hurtful things even after having such a sticker.

But it surely looks to be a step in the right direction, as hopefully after this sticker, cab services and government might take other more strict steps to ensure the safety of women.

Apart from this, there has also been a rise in the need for women drivers, and a few cab companies in the south and other states has female cab drivers.


This step is perhaps the most effective, as what can be safer than a female driver, especially if a woman has to travel late at night.

Signing off, I would just say that this technique although a good step, but it should definitely not be taken at face value. One should still be alert and vigilant, lest something wrong befall on oneself.

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