P.V. Sindhu Wins Silver at Rio Olympics: An Interesting Match To Say The Least

After the win of Sakshi Malik in the wrestling category, the news of P.V. Sindhu getting to the finals of the Badminton sport in the Olympics was nothing short of good news.

It was a lively and energetic match, something that I never thought I’d be saying for the sport of badminton.

Today I saw the match with bated breath, and let me tell you that the anticipation and anxiety over who would get the gold was to another level.

The match between Carolina Marin and P.V. Sindhu was quite a well matched one, considering that Sindhu is still a fairly new player as opposed to Marin who has previously been the winner of several gold medals at other sports events.


Marin vs Sindhu started off extremely well with both of them holding a very small point difference. And ended on a surprising note when Sindhu took the game and won at 21 points.

Although for a while there, I sure thought that Marin would win that set, but the win of Sindhu was quite the relief and made her chances of winning a gold seem even more probable. P.V. Sindhu won the first game at 21-19 which was no less of a feat.

Although that all changed in the next two sets where in the second one, Marin was visibly more competitive and won with a large margin of almost 9 points, and winning at an impressive point of 21-12.

The third match started of a better foot, with Sindhu getting 10 all pretty quickly and even afterwards not letting a big gap come in between her and Marin’s scores.

Unfortunately, Marin seemed to have stepped up her game and managed to win at a close rate of 21-15, ending up winning the gold medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

The match seemed to be pretty well matched, although I feel that Marin in the beginning severely underestimated Sindhu leading to her win.


During the next two matches, it was quite apparent that she realised that Sindhu was not going to be beaten easily and stepped up her game quite a bit.

The changes of court sides and Marin’s techniques also seemed to get the better of Sindhu.

Although I would iterate that considering the poor performance of India so far, the win by Sakshi Malik and now P.V. Sindhu winning the silver are almost equal to winning a gold.

Signing off, I would just say that this match between Sindhu and Marin was extremely interesting to watch. And Sindhu you might have won a silver, but for us India, you are nothing less than gold.

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