Narayan Murthy Pointing Out The Problem: Indian Ego

So, Narayan Murthy is apparently trending these days, and one wonders, how this co-founder of Infosys has managed to do so.

And it is very simple, by just saying a few controversial lines about India and the citizens that inhabit it. The sensitive minds and hearts of Indians can rarely hear anything against their beloved country, while being perfectly ok with watching it burn to the ground.

Now, I usually do not bother myself with such issues, but what Mr. Murthy stated in his speech at the fourth annual Independence Day Lit Live lecture in Mumbai last week, really hit home with me.

“The biggest challenge for all of us, not just politicians or bureaucrats, is that we, Indians, have the highest ego per unit of achievement. I would humbly request, we be open-minded to those who have performed better than us,” he said.


This is so true considering the recent status that our country is seeing, where every where I turn, people are unable to see their own fault and shortcomings while being perfectly alright with complaining about everything under the sun.

For some time now, I have noticed a pattern, where any time someone has given even the slightest bit of critique on India, its citizens or the way its run, people are quickly pulling out their pitchforks and getting ready for a war.

Perhaps to twist Mr. Murthy’s speech, it is not ego which is hindering our development, but more so a strict reluctance to bring about any change coupled with the complete denial of needing any kind of change.

The issue is not that Indians are not smart or qualified or anything, in fact we have proven time and again that, our intelligence is almost unmatched in various sectors. But where we do take a bit of hit is in changing up the system.

So, signing off, I would just say that, instead of flying off in a raging heat over how dare Narayan Murthy say that Indians have an ego problem, we should start to take a deep look over how unwilling we are to shake things up and try a new or different method.

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