Learn The Art Of Not Giving A Damn To What Other People Think


Just how many times you have given a f*ck about things which weren’t worthy of the F word I just blurted out.

You gave it on your Ex’s birthday when you weren’t related to it even on distant terms or when that moron talked crap about you or when your profile picture got only a handful of likes or when out of fear of becoming an object of amusement in the lecture, you didn’t give the answer to your professor’s question.

Does it really matter what other people would think?

Does it? Or is it better to convince your inner self on why you hadn’t done something you wanted to do just because others would think you are crazy?

Just count how many times you have given importance to other people when it was a time to solely concentrate on yourself.

F*cks, if given everywhere and every time would make you devoid of it. We think we have plenty of them but we don’t. It comes in a limited edition as there are many important things in your life that are reserved for it.

Not giving them is the secret ingredient to a happy and contented life but this does not mean being completely indifferent to your surroundings.You have to choose when to act and when to STFU.

If you feel the itch to give a shit then do it and get it done but if you don’t then let it get screwed. Not giving weight about things sounds like apathy, but it’s not. It’s simply a refusal to waste your energy and time on thoughts you’re not going to act on. So when you do invest your time, make sure that the point of this shit-giving is reasonable in the face of what has happened, and if it is, then move to the action part ASAP.

Just don’t ever think that you are supposed to be happy all the times and if you do so, then you, my friend, are doomed.

How not to give a Duck?( You know what I mean, so get over it)- The Most Important Art

Be reasonable: Knowing how to not give thoughts to things doesn’t mean you never give a shit about anything. It just means that when you give it, it should be voluntary. You must have a reason.

Be  blatant: This means, not succumbing to fear in any form. It might be worry, anxiety, anger, inferiority, diffidence, fear of failure, fear of bananas and potatoes and what not. It means you’re not going to do things that harm yourself or others.

Detachment: Look at the bigger picture. Don’t cling to the baggage of past that grows heavier and heavier as you move through your life. Detachment is greatly useful in work. Just concentrate on your dreams and don’t look sideways.

Have something to care about : As I had said earlier you only get a limited number of chances in your life where you actually have to intervene and get stuff done, so you must spend them with care. Save it for your aspirations, save it for what you love to do, save it for your family.

Stop getting hung up on everything. Stop getting angry. Stop worrying. Stop resisting the present. Life is too short to give second thoughts to what others would think and to succumb to fear. Too short to throw away your happiness. Concentrate on yourself, please.

Trust me you don’t want to be despaired on your deathbed counting so many times you have compromised yourself due to diffidence when you weren’t supposed to.

Inspired By: The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson

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