ED VoxPop: We Asked People If They Prefer Great Food Over Great Sex…Here’s The Revelation

Our choices and preferences are the biggest factors that make us different from other people. But Food and Sex are the choices commonly made by every individual. Aren’t they?

Just yesterday, while watching my favourite sitcom, I started thinking about the age old question, which nobody has a definite answer to. What do I prefer, food or sex? And even after putting my mind to it for about two hours, I could not come to a conclusion.

Hence, I decided to ask other people what they think about it through the ED VoxPop, where we ask people about quirky topics, to know their valid opinions.

Read their answers to know what they prefer, amazing food or great sex?







Yes. I think food. No, sex. But food. Though sex. Joey speaks to my soul.

Umm, could I have men on bread? (How you doin’?)

What do you prefer? Tell us in the comments below.

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Nadiminti Sarvani

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