A Quick Recap of Some Of The Most Promising Breakthroughs In 2016: The Future Is Not So Bleak

By Rahul Dua

2016 has not been amiable so far. Well, that is the picture painted by the media worldwide. On some levels, it might be true. From the political unrest in J&K to the ongoing political farce that is the US elections. From heartless terrorist massacres all over France and Europe to the relentless civilian shootings in the United States. Something just isn’t right about 2016.

In times like this, it is challenging to think of something positive. This post, thusly, reflects on some of the great things that we have collectively accomplished so far. Hopefully, something listed here gives you a bright, cheery feeling deep inside – perhaps the kind you get when you inexplicably find a tenner in your pocket or better yet when you hit all green lights on your commute home.

1.Remember that stupid ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that you did? What good dumping ice cold water on your head while your friend inevitably screws up the first take could possibly bring about? A great deal it turns out. Research funded through the ALS Association has identified the gene that is linked to ALS, thus we are now one step closer to eliminating the disease for good. All thanks to the generous donors and participants like yourself who raised the awareness and the funds necessary for engineering this spectacular breakthrough.


2. For something close to home, how about setting a new world record for planting trees? Volunteers in India recently planted 49.3 million seed saplings in a single day – setting a new world record by demolishing the older one by over 50 times (set by Pakistan in 2013).

3. How about that plane that went around the globe without a drop of conventional fuel? Solar Impulse 2 recently finished a nice, long, relaxing flight around the world – all the while being powered by solar energy.

4. Thanks to NASA’s Juno mission, we now know more about the largest planet in our humble solar system than ever before. Launched back in August 2011, it finally reached into Jupiter’s orbit earlier in July. Juno has already given us a plethora of information and not to mention, the breathtaking images that we have acquired so far.

5. We can’t really talk about space without mentioning the incredible feat achieved by India as it launched 20 satellites in a single mission, quite a feather in the cap of its ambitious and humble space program. Meanwhile, SpaceX is ever so close to perfecting their mission of achieving reusable rockets. Falcon 9’s main stage booster breezily separated from its cargo and landed itself on its ocean platform!

6. Did you get a chance to hear about how Tiger population has actually increased for the first time in 100 years? It’s true, after a long period of constant decline, thanks to valiant conservation efforts worldwide, the wild tiger population is on the rise again.

7. Treatments for Cancer are becoming more and more effective. Precision therapies work by selectively targeting specific molecules in cancer cells rather than opting the route of complete destruction that Chemotherapy utilizes. Yeah, suck it cancer!

8. For more good news in the health sector, it appears that India has successfully eliminated Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus – a disease that affects close to 150,000 to 200,000 cases annually. The new claims have been validated by WHO and the organization has now included India to the list of countries that have successfully battled and conquered this disease.

To put it simply, lots of good, god-tier, amazing things have happened already this year. Everything is not terrible. Every day we have new opportunities and breakthroughs. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the constant news of despair that is broadcasted around the globe 24/7 but just remember, things truly are looking up.

Now get back to Pokémon Go, arguably the best thing that has happened this year so far. Besides that reheated pizza I munched on the other day, oh and of course, time to re-watch Deadpool.

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