Azam Khan Blames BJP For Rapes, Forgets His Political Responsibility Yet Again!

‘Politics is not a gentleman’s profession’– the statement stands true, all thanks to the politicians and the outrageous statements they make regardless of the office they hold or the fact that they represent common people.

10 days, 7 gang rapes and Uttar Pradesh government is still in snooze mode, not ready to face the reality. Law and Order in the state are in shambles, it’s never been worse and political parties are using this incident to plot their win in the upcoming elections.


To top it our representatives won’t try to Fast Track justice or provide help of any sort. No, absolutely not because that will be the right way to proceed in such a sensitive matter.

Instead they will trivialize the matter, play blame game, shield the culprit (if they happen to be relatives) and at last forget. Just forget!

Best example- Badaun rape case or the Mohanlalganj rape case where a teacher was raped in the school premises and she still seeks justice.


Azam Khan, a cabinet minister in the Uttar Pradesh government seems to have taken it upon himself to shame the entire party by making crude and derogatory comments on the Bulandsheher rape case.

But this is not the first time Mr. Khan has decided to speak S**t and then refused to apologize because he ’deems’ it correct.  Mr. Khan’s misogyny isn’t in the least surprising or new in a state which has casually broken apart its already ramshackle law and order.

Khan is known to speak his misogynistic mind which is a window to the gender-bias ideas, his party upholds, popularizes and protects.



But what came as a shocker was CM Akhilesh Yadav’s support to Khan’s comment.  To say that BJP is sending around its men to rape women in itself is ridiculous but to actually second it a different level of shamelessness.

Akhilesh Yadav who has created an image for himself as an honest and people’s politician has taken the 2017 elections too seriously. He’s forgotten that blame game is too insensitive a game to be played in such a situation. Mr. Yadav has so far been a mere spectator in the entire debacle and if questioned seems to blame the media for sensationalizing the event. Often seen as a youth leader, Mr. Yadav has let down a lot of folks with his silence.

Under pressure and constantly increasing media attention surrounding the gang rapes, Akhilesh in a knee-jerk reaction appointed a task team to hunt down rapists but this is fooling no one. He and his army of chauvinists have failed to provide security in the state and crime is rampant in the entire state.

BJP went one step ahead and commented on Khan’s sister and mother being raped will make Khan realize what rape actually is. KUDOS to a personal attack!

But this is not something new.  Elections give an opportunity to the parties to escape their follies in the name of political conspiracies. In 2009, Mamta Banerjee did something of the same sort.

It’s safe to say that politicians need an education, a heart and some brain. Mr. CM will have a hard time convincing UPites in the next election and Mr. Khan needs to realize that its time he quits speaking once and for all!

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