August 13: Happy Left Handed Day

Humans have the innate tendency to take weirdness to a whole new level.

If the popularity of the Kardashians boggled you and made you question what is wrong with mankind then here is another such phenomenon for you.
13th August i.e. today, is the Left-handers Day!

What is The Left-handers Day all about?
This magnificent day is celebrated to aware the world of the ‘hardships’ left-handed people have to face just because they are not right-handed.
The world is predominantly right-handed and therefore people using their left hand are a minority and going by the trend where minorities are oppressed come what may, 13th August becomes a necessity.

This day celebrates the uniqueness these people possess and talks about preserving them.

Left-handed people make about 10 percent of the total world population.

How did it all start?

Initially, the celebration of this day wasn’t as funny as it sounds today.

Left-handed people are prone to develop Schizophrenia because of increased brain activity or so many believe.

The Left-handers Club was established in 1997 to bring world attention to this.

The success of this endeavour can be seen in the fact that left-handed people themselves aren’t aware of this day.
The day is being celebrated since 1976 but has so far been unable to achieve anything concrete.

In certain western countries like United Kingdom several events are lined up for left-handed people to make them aware of this day. (A PICNIC! YAY!)

left-handed writing "I am left-handed"
left-handed writing “I am left-handed”

Left-Handed or the Sinister Handed
General Surveys all around the world have proven that left-handed people are way more intelligent than righties.

They have higher IQ’s, higher cognitive abilities and are better ‘divergent Thinkers’.

They can more easily generate new ideas or adapt to older ones.

Why so, is yet to be understood but they do have an advantage over right-handed fellow humans.
Due to increased brain activity, they are much more susceptible to suffer disabilities like Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia, or so many believe.

These claims, however, do not have any scientific backing and the fact that such disabilities are much more common in right-handed people also prove otherwise.
In India, people have so far been spared of this day and Uttar Pradesh has not yet declared it a state holiday.

No doubt that some days are more irrelevant than the others and this day proves it!

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