Let’s Mock Zakir Naik With Some Epic Responses To His Baseless Teachings…Who Even Listens To Him?

Zakir Naik is a doctor by education and an Islamic preacher by profession. He has delivered over 4000 lectures and thrives because of his unrealistic examples and his unbeatable knowledge of the Quran, Bible, and even the Hindu scriptures.

A classic example of an excellent orator, Zakir Naik manages to get the crowd to not only listen to him but also follow him. His preaching has a great reach to an extent that it went on to ‘inspire’ a terrorist in the recent Bangladesh attacks. It might come as a surprise to some, but Zakir Naik wasn’t shocked at this news at all.

Zakir Naik’s statements can be very vague, loose and might even outrage a few, in disagreement. An orthodox by nature, he is trying really hard to impose 7th-century ideologies in a world that has completely different goals.

I say such fanatics should not be banned and given undue importance, they should rather be mocked at and countered with informed, educated views and responses. Banning is not the solution always, such people need to know that Indians are not blind and dumb to believe anything and everything that is fed to them by ANYBODY.

We have our own mind to judge what’s right and wrong.

Zakir Naik kind of people should be mocked at for their views. 












Graphics Credit : Abhinav Jain

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