What if there were laws in the times of Mythology?

Disclaimer: This article is entirely meant in good humour and does not mean to hurt anyone’s sentiments. All this is a mere speculation of thought and is harmlessly intended.

We as citizens are not very proud of the way Law and Order is followed in our country. And almost everyday  we hear the yester generation people saying, “Hamare zamaane mein…” Well, this got my mind running.

What if there were laws in the Golden Age? Which Mythological characters would have been caught red handed? Let’s cerca trova! (seek and find)

Maneka Gandhi would have sued Ravan for cutting off Jatayu’s wings.


Duryodhan would have been caught for abusing Draupadi.

Duryodhan (1)

Lord Hanuman would have been filed for Damaging of land and property. Vandalism, that is.


Hera  (Greek Goddess of family and marriage) could have been charged for an attempt for murder.

Hera copy

Gaea (Greek Goddess of Earth) would have been imprisoned for manipulating and stipulating a war.


The world then would have been entirely different. Weird and skeptical. But anyway,in the end, it is all my presumption. But letting your imagination to fly is something truly magical. I can vouch for my word folks, try it for yourselves.

Graphic Credits: Prerna Bhatia

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