What All Sarcastic Happened Last Week: Trash It, Trend It

Forgot to follow news this week? Or found it boring af?

Worry not. WE are here to present to you news in a way you cannot imagine. From puns to sarcasm dungs, each will be entertained. The motto here is: Why should news be served to you in a simple plate when you can get it served with a hamper full of fun and entertainment.


How can we talk about news without Modi being in it? PM went on a trip to Africa. He went to Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. And people were like: Is that even a country?
In case you missed what Modi wore in South Africa, here it is. Looks like someone is smoking some really fine stuff.



Zakir Naik is in trouble for his hate speeches. He’s the biggest fan of Islam, such a fan that Osama-bin-laden was a stud according to him. Somebody give this man a Nobel peace.


Happy Bhag Jaygi poster released, starring Abhay Deol and Diana Penty. We are happy to know about Diana’s comeback. Who cares about Abhay?



Great Grand Masti was leaked online, due to which its release has been preponed. Freakin’ crazy. This is the only thing “grand” about this supposed movie.


Cabinet reshuffled and Smriti Irani was demoted to Textile Ministry. There there Smriti. Maybe you could wipe your tears from your Yale degree.

A mosque in Bangladesh was attacked by a few terrorists. Sheikh Hasina verbatim “What kind of Muslims are these who kill others during Ramadan?” As if it were okay to kill on other days or it were okay to kill people of other religion.

People like her are the reason why Terrorism is considered to have a religion.



Don’t forget to check on us next week. Till then, get bored by some boring news.


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