Top 6 Headlines You Cannot Miss: Trash it, Trend It

Presenting, headlines from a definitely not boring week that got away! We saw the world rhythmically trudge ahead to this year’s next half, but not without some drama. Here’s a definitely-not-boring recap for you, in case you missed anything.


Justin Trudeau to debut as a Marvel hero in Civil War II: Choosing Sides, set to release on August 31st.


*swoooooooooons, then faints*

Enough said. World leaders to take notes, this one can punch villains while he is making an election-winning speech.


Apple patents tech that will disable cameras on mobile devices at concerts.

Really people, you had it coming. You go there for live music, LIVE. If you want RECORDINGS, buy the album and STAY HOME!


IAF inducts Tejas into its fighter squadron.


33 years and Rs 8000 crore later, homegrown fighter jets join air defense fleet. About time Indian army, about time.



Belarussians go to work Naked.

Taking their president Alexander Lukashenko’s comment too seriously, many strip down for social media. The East Europeans have a real quirky way of doing things, I tell you.


Pray For Turkey. Pray For Bangladesh. Pray for Baghdad.

Terrorism makes Headlines
Hundreds of innocent people die in one week. With IS accountability behind every attack, it’s spine chilling what terrorism in today’s world has grown into.


Our women at the Rajasthan Women Commission love selfies.

Look at that woman holding out the rape victim’s hand, like a trophy. *cue Chandler* Can you BE anymore insensitive?

I think we gotta thank them for not making a dubsmash to ‘ease’ the victim.


That’s all for today. See you next week, guys. Same time.


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