Has Snapchat Lost Its USP With The New “Memories”?: We Liv’ED It

Earlier this month Snapchat released the information of an exciting new feature called “Memories” on their blog. After I read what it is, I had to say that the name turned out to be quite meta!

Within seconds my phone was installing Snapchat’s latest update. But I didn’t get to jump on the bandwagon with the people who were already munching on “Memories” until, yesterday.

So now that I’ve joined the fad, let’s see what using this brand new feature was actually like.




Team Snapchat will send you a snap whenever you’ll be eligible to start using Memories. Then they’ll do some chit-chat explaining about it.



To finally start off, click on the tiny circle underneath the camera ring. That’ll land you to the page from where Memories can finally be used. You’ll see: Snaps – where all the snaps you clicked will be shown and Camera Roll- where the images and videos from camera roll will be shown. So now you can pick any of these snaps and add them onto your story!



With this new update, another new change has been revealed. Whenever you will save a snap on your camera screen, it’ll automatically save itself to memories. This is where you stumble onto the feature “My Eyes Only”.




My Eyes Only is kinda like your own private space on Snapchat. You set a passcode for it and that’s where you can store all your intimate and personal snaps. That’s about it, fellas.



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User Interface 4.5
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The whole thing about Snapchat is its transience. The ingenious ideology of having snaps lasting only a few seconds, was sort of a breakthrough in instant messaging. With Memories it might not have been completely abolished but the ephemera is sure on the verge of.

Although this new feature is totally exciting and fun, it gives away Snapchat’s USP.

Nevertheless, update your Snapchats and let us know how you felt about this brand new endeavor by Snapchat.

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