What All Sarcastic Happened This Week: Trash It, Trend It

Forgot to follow news this week? Or found it boring af?

Worry not. WE are here to present to you news in a way you cannot imagine. From puns to sarcasm dungs, each will be entertained. The motto here is: Why should news be served to you in a simple plate when you can get it served with a hamper full of fun and entertainment.


Kickass Torrents, world’s largest torrent (piracy) website, is now shut down and its owner has been arrested.

Why, why on earth they arrested a man for doing public welfare. Aise koi karta hai bhala. I still won’t buy original stuff though.


Kabalii release day is a holiday in many South Indian cities. Because ideally, this is exactly what a state with highest literacy rate does.



There’s gonna be an AIIMS in Gorakhpur now. Have high hopes for it to be painted by red spit in the upcoming future.




Transgender Bill passed in Parliament and no one changed their dps to rainbow color. Because progress is only for America, not for India.



Judith, who was held slave in Afghanistan, returns to India. Our Ministry of External Affairs is the modern Avengers we have. Hope there’s no civil war though.



3 journalists asked to leave India by the Indian Government. Hell yeah, this is our way of vengeance. We love Chinese food though.


(Image Source: Google Images)


Don’t forget to check on us next week. Till then, get bored by some boring news.


Sarcastic News Last Week: Trash It, Trend It


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