Mayawati “Worse Than A Prostitute”, We Are Walking Centuries Behind

Is calling a middle aged woman “worse than prostitute” the level to which politics has fallen to? The abyss gutter that political rivalry is already in has now been drilled further.

Dayashankar clearly has no acknowledgment for the suppressed classes that are now finally coming to a bench which is shared by people of all caste, gender, species. And how could he have any, he belongs to Ballia, a place where female literacy is 59%, one of the lowest in U.P.

Bahujan Samaj Party won 0 seats in Lok Sabha. It is having an identity crisis. It lost its reputation in 2014. So, was that prostitution reference called for? It did not denigrate her reputation, but it surely diminished Dayashankar’s reputation, career, and social life.


It Happened, That’s All What Matters

No, it doesn’t matter whether a Dalit was the victim of his atrocious verbosity or a woman was the victim. It doesn’t matter if she was involved in the multi-crore scam, or she has a separate jet plane kept for buying shoes. What matters is that she was another human being, in a political environment, struggling to be modest, not using the foot in mouth techniques to counter rivalries.

Yes, he apologized. Mistakes happen. But. Does this incident qualify as a mistake?

Why shouldn’t people overreact? Why shouldn’t they protest?

One may quote it as “This wasn’t the first incident. Why you were silent when XYZ happened, why now?” Well, to answer this I would say that Nirbhaya wasn’t the first rape case in India. But did we not need that revolution? It was slowly building up and then it fell off the brink.

Similar is now. People keep silent because they respect Modi, the only gentleman who keeps away from these statements.

From Yogi Adityanath to Giriraj Singh, each has gotten away from saying stuff. Even Ramdev got away with saying “Rahul likes to spend nights with Dalits”

If such lime lighted public propagandist can get away with this then wonder what happens to the non-elite class.

Walking Centuries Behind

In the 19th century, women and lower castes were struggling to establish themselves as equals. That was the time when women were treated as materials and lower castes were treated as animals. It was a time when abuses, jibes, and taunts were the only thing these both classes ate.

2 centuries later, here we have a lower caste women who had been in power 3 times. What does she get? The same treatment as of 2 centuries back.

From Baba Saheb Ambedkar to Indira Gandhi, each must be feeling ashamed of their initiatives towards women and oppressed class empowerment. They all were politicians, just like Dayashankar is, but with a positive mind and a healthy tongue.

This may make us all wonder, where are we heading, past or Future? Or Nowhere?

BJP did a good thing by shunning him, let’s hope that this sets a benchmark. A benchmark so high that even Salman could not get away with a rape comment.

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