Evil Spirits Invoked In Killing Of Paranormal Expert? Do They Exist?

If you have ever been inside of Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan, you would probably have sworn to never go in again. You would probably have felt the spooky vibes or have sensed the presence of a spirit too many around. I have never been in there but the stories I’ve been told by those who have, have scared the wits out of me in broad daylight.

Gaurav Tiwari, Reverend Gaurav Tiwari – an ordained minister of the Metaphysical Church of Humanistic Sciences, was one person who discarded the possibility of the fort being haunted.


He was the founder and chief of the Indian Paranormal Society and had visited over 6000 ‘haunted’ sites. He was a certified paranormal/UFO investigator and hypnotist. His life was cut short by an untimely demise at the young age of 32, merely five months after he got married. All sorts of things are being speculated as the reason.

What is interesting is that a month before his passing, he told his wife about a “negative force pulling him towards it”. His body, when discovered, bore a dark thin line around the neck. The police have declared it a suicide but it will be wrong to rule out any foul play. After all, he made a living chasing the unknown.

Could it have had something to do with spirits? Maybe. It’s hard to say anything. That Tiwari didn’t show any sign of distress even hours before his death – he was checking emails – adds to the question.

One wonders, did something from one of his cases have to do with Gaurav Tiwari, and entrench somewhere into his subconscious? Did dark energies, play a deadly game with this young investigator?

Was the job taking a toll on him? There have been several instances where a spirit entity, especially a demonic one can transfer onto an object, or even a person. Did the entity believed to be possessing the girl in Janakpuri in Delhi that he last visited, seek and find a vessel in this young man?

It raises many a question. Do they walk amongst us? Can we recognise them? Ancient and folklore say they can be seen as mirrors. The unknown may very well be hiding behind the faces of the known. They may be within the people we know. Or they may be dark shapes which flit about the house.

Paranormal work goes beyond simply gadgets and batteries. It’s beyond teenage stories about the Ouija board or a mundane vocation. If such a science exists to deal with the “energies”, there must be something to these energies. The death of the skilled ghost hunter is a powerful reminder.

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