Elon Musk Starts A School On Being Disappointed With The Education System

 “They weren’t doing the things I thought should be done. I thought, well; let’s see what we can do. Maybe creating a school would be better”

What do we do when things do not seem right? We rant. Well, Elon Musk does otherwise – he looks for other possibilities and changes it. Unhappy with the education his children received, he went on to start his own school in 2014.


Elon Musk believed that the schools were not doing what they should do for children – give them the right education in the best possible way; hence, he started Ad Astra, a school that has no grade system and currently hones 20 young minds. He says that it is important to educate children according to their aptitude and abilities; therefore, scraping the grade system at Ad Astra makes sense.

The Flaw In Teaching

Elon Musk says that schools do not concentrate on problem-solving, and suggests that more focus should be given on it and ‘teach to the problem and not the tools’. The major lack in the practical application of concepts is what the education system needs to counter.

About Ad Astra

Just two years old, and started solely on an experimental basis, Elon Musk too is unsure of the future of this school. On the bright side, Ad Astra seems to be gaining the acceptance of the real stakeholders, the students. The children find vacations to be a little too long, and wait to go back to school. Running in a mansion in South California, the activities and teaching methods are engaging and succeed in retaining the student’s interest in the subject.


Apart from Elon Musk’s children, the school mostly has students from SpaceX employees’ families.  Parents, who hear about the school through different media, seem excited and eager to enrol their children at Ad Astra. The school does not have a web page, making it difficult for admission purposes.

The Need To Draw Inspiration

From Paypal to Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk is known for thinking differently and materialising his thoughts to reality. Ad Astra is yet another venture that has the power to change the current picture of the education system around the world.

In order to gain a better ‘understanding’ of the subject, it is important that we move away from the traditional methods of structured learning. The education system not only has to be liberal, but a lot more effort needs to be put in the way subjects are taught.

Can Such A System Be Brought To India?

Considering the fact that India takes some time to get accustomed to a change, it might be a little difficult for a system like this to work here. Even the Montessori system, which more or less runs on Elon Musk’s ideology, has failed to acquire widespread acceptance by the people of India.

Here, the goal has always been to get more marks than Sharma ji’s son, and never has ‘learning’ been a priority. The system too takes several measures to make education more convenient than making more interactive and practical.

The Indian education system is not one of the best in the world and certainly, needs to be worked on. With the centralised education system, an Elon Musk in the Indian government could probably help change the situation at a faster pace, in a way that it gains widespread acceptance at the same time.

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