ED Collab: IIIT Delhi’s Tech-Fest Esya 2016 is here!

What is Esya?

Esya, the annual technical fest of IIIT-Delhi, provides a platform for students to showcase their talents and knowledge in various fields of Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, and various non-technical fields. They aim to cross boundaries of the imaginable and let everyone discover a world unknown to them, be it about technology, or more.



Going back to the last year, Esya went nationwide for the first time. With over 10,000 participants from over 800 colleges and schools, pan India, Esya has been successfully recognised nation-wide. Last year saw epic proportions of awesome, fully loaded in events from all arenas.

Amongst the CSE events, ProCon Jr and Bug-Finding events were a major hit, while the Electronics sections pulled up the crowds for CircuitRix Jr, RoboWars and Hack-IIITD, the one day long Hackathon.

Even the non-tech events saw a great response from participants, both in number and in quality participation. Rebuttal was a two-day long grand debate with tensions running high as the stage became hotter with every succeeding round. FOQs, the photography event, had submissions which could define the word “Aesthetic”. Faking the Research, Hunt IT-the Treasure Hunt, ChakraVyuha- an online cryptic hunt,Minimal Design, were some of the other crowd pulling Non-Tech Events.

Esya ‘16 – Going Beyond

On Esya’s 6th anniversary, new horizons will be touched as Esya reaches the previously unexplored areas of Entrepreneurship and Community Service.

This year, they aim to provide a platform for students and veterans in the field of Business to interact and grow together. E-Talks will help budding entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and learn from their colleagues. Other business-centric events such as Mock-Stocks and Be The Tycoon, ensure that this fest will be a delight for our money-shifters and players. Next, they aim for students to take larger steps towards the development of the nation, by providing a platform to carry out plans for rural development on a larger scale in collaboration with The Government of India.

This year at Esya ‘16, not only will people explore new domains, “Things” shall too, discover new domains, devices and friends, and form one magnificent functioning unit. Esya ‘16 has this year’s theme as Internet of Things – an emerging field in the world of technology, which in essence, involves communication of devices over the Internet.

Come join and enjoy the Esyatic experience all over again, discover new worlds, make new friends, and most of all Have a Good Time!

ED is proud to be the blog partner for Esya, ’16!

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