Birth Of The Most Powerful Nation: Back In Time

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The supposedly strongest nation today, often called the Sugar Daddy of the world had a very modest birth. On this day in 1776, five gentlemen sat in a room in Philadelphia and made history when they drafted a document that is famously known as ‘Declaration Of Independence’.

Signed by fifty-eight dignitaries on July 4th, 1776, The Continental Congress adopted this declaration and thus, United States of America was born.

Pre-Independence America
The United States consisted of thirteen major colonies and several smaller colonies that were controlled by  the Great Britain and other European nations.

The thirteen colonies in 1765 refused to recognize the monarch of Britain as their ruler due to the rise in taxes being imposed, most important being taxation of tea.

The American Revolution that started in 1765 ended with the establishment of the USA as an independent country. The revolution started with the famous ‘Boston Tea Party’ incident wherein, an East India Company ship carrying tea was destroyed. Boston Tea Party was followed by a number of other incidents before an all-out battle occurred between the two armies.

The war continued for almost eighteen years and came to an end with the signing of Treaty of Paris in 1783.

Result of the Revolution
While all thirteen colonies united to form the USA, Britain continued to rule territory east of Mississippi river and Spain took control of Florida.The Southern States were allowed to continue slavery for the next eighty years.


The government established consisted of two houses, Senate and House of Representatives.
Although there are claims that declaration of independence was signed on August 2nd,  July 4th it  is widely accepted as the declaration date. Out of the five men who drafted the declaration, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson mention 4th July as the date of signing.

4th of July Celebrations
Fourth of July is a national holiday that is observed since 1777. Philadelphia, Massachusetts, Salem and North Carolina were the first few states to observe this holiday.

Barbeque in the Backyard– a pretty popular scene in typically all Hollywood movies is actually the stereotypical way of celebrating Fourth of July. Apart from the delicious food cooked, Fireworks and Parades are common sites too.

Spooky Fourth of July

Did you know that there is something called ‘The Fourth of July Curse’?
Three of the five founding leaders of the USA namely, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe died on the fourth of July while President Calvin Coolidge was born on this day.

Apart from the USA, Philippians celebrates its Republic Day on the Fourth of July while Rwanda in Africa celebrates it as its Liberation Day. Incidentally, both these countries gained independence from the USA.

Fourth of July has transcended boundaries and has transformed itself into a celebration of sorts. Not just the USA but the entire world understands what Fourth of July is synonymous with- freedom of an individual. Declaration of Independence was the step towards the creation of the first constitution of the modern world.

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