SexED: Male Fertility – British Rocker Mick Jagger To Father His Eighth Child At The Age of 72

Hold on there, fellas! Great-grandfather Mick isn’t done with the poopy diaper job yet

Apparently father of seven, British rock and roll legend Mick Jagger still “can’t get no satisfaction”. The 72 year old rocker is now expecting his eighth baby with current girlfriend and ballerina Melanie Hamrick. 29 year old Melanie has been dating Mick since 2014.


The couple has never been exclusive about their relationship and certainly don’t plan to get married. So the sole purpose of having this baby is well, beyond me. Mick has previously had seven children from four different women who further yielded into five grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

From the looks of it, it pretty much seems like Melanie’s quest for a baby-daddy has been gladly fulfilled by Britain’s most notorious and veteran womaniser Sir Michael Philip Jagger, which further leads to the question of how is that 70 year old still getting ladies knocked up? And no, by this we don’t mean his charms or his $300 million worth.

I’m gonna take a dip into my science bucket for this.


When a female attains puberty her reproductive part ie., the ovaries produce an egg every month.  At this stage if the egg isn’t fertilised by a sperm it dies and is shed off along the lining of the uterus which results in menstruation. When there are no longer eggs left to fertilise, the uterus stops shedding its lining which results in menopause ie., stripped from baby making abilities.


Males on the other hand, do not have a finite count of their reproductive cells. With an infinite number of sperms, a male can foster a child up until the time he dies. Of course, provided the testes aren’t harmed and everything in that area is in working order.

In short, males have been blessed with the elixir of making babies.

A man can become a father even at the age 80 while a woman can’t be pregnant after her 40’s. So is that why Mel and Mick are having a baby? Hard to say, but Mick and Mel are reportedly very happy with the news of the baby and are absolutely joyous about it.

From us, congratulations to the happy couple!
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