Online Ads Care So Much About Us, They Are Omnipresent & Not At All Racist

By Shivansh Gupta

Analysing the peevish online ads that we daily encounter would reveal the sheer talent of the people behind them that how incredibly these ads are about all the things that we rarely pay heed to.

From skin lightening to earning a million money in two days, they are about every futile thing and are omnipresent. They blink, pop up, flick, and do all sorts of somersaults on your screen with only one motive: to cover that parts of the screen where you are focusing. And God forbid if you happen to sacrilege them by clicking on them inadvertently.

Heavenly God, just yesterday I encountered a benevolent Ad that said “Ajay makes $5000 every day from home with this simple trick and you can also”. See, I mean, who in this harsh world cares about you the way these ads do. They tend to know you more than your mother. They know about your relationship status, your need for money, your craving for fair complexion, your age, your location, and everything. They are very specific about all these things.

Here are few examples:


The #1 Diabetes “Fix” Doctors Aren’t

Allowed to Tell You




20 Year Old Neha lives near you, within 5 km

radius and wants to talk to you, Say her Hello!


The last one though made me think why Neha looks like a Russian and lives in Allahabad (my city), maybe she used that 14-day trick.

There are ads even about “How to get rid of stupid ads”.

Why you should refrain from clicking on these kinds of ad

I am sceptical of the efficiency of the quick way out that these ads guarantee but can assure you of one thing, once you click on them, the world will seem to pause, rivers will cease flowing, waterfalls around the world will stop and so does your computer.

Your computer will go into a coma to the extent that you would start entertaining ideas of smashing that same machine with your hands, or if you are lucky then a zillion new tabs will open to make you forget the first-hand motive behind you using the machine.

The sheer stupidity that these ads offer have to be borne by you, ad­-blocking software will only partially help you as they do not block every advertisement. Till then, All The Very Best.

Image Source : Google Images

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