The Struggle Is Real : Proof That A Law Student’s Life Is As Tough As An Engineer’s

In a country where there is an abundance of engineering students, people hardly acknowledge the fact that there exist other courses which can be academically tough and physically + mentally demanding.

If you’re thinking that I am talking about commerce students, you couldn’t be any more wrong. These people have it relatively easy (expecting butthurt comments in 3..2..1) but one of the few elite courses which come even mildly close to matching the “Thug Life” status of engineering, it’s law.

On that note, here are 5 stark similarities between engineering and law courses and their respective student lives :

1. Soul sucking exams which could make dementors jealous :

Engineering courses have 6 to 12 mid-term exams, 5 internal practical exams, 5 external practical exams (shoutouts to IPU students, we know your pain) 6 end semester exams making it a total of 28 exams in one semester.

Law students have the same pattern except the practical exams are replaced by presentations and are limited to 6. Not to forget the PSDAs, Vivas and multiple assignments, the struggle is real on this side and the grass isn’t greener by any means.

That's how we feel in mid-term exams. Or semester exams. Or any exam.
That’s how we feel in mid-term exams. Or semester exams. Or any exam.

2. One Night Stands :

Oh, yeah.

That’s it.

But not what you’re thinking, you filthy minds.

Most of the engineers are accustomed to studying a day, or rather a night before the exam. And they’re able to pull it off with healthy success rates. Lawyers are accustomed to similar pressure and are absolutely cool in dealing with it and getting marks since they mostly deal with theory in arts based subjects or the various judgments with each associated case in their syllabus which makes it easy for them to prepare the whole syllabus right before the exam.

That's how we roll.
That’s how we roll.

3. “Skill”. Wait, what’s that?

Myth says that engineering students know how to repair and laws students know how to bail. We both can agree that COLLEGE PROVIDES NO SKILL. It’s us who have to bear the tiring internships and certifications in order to be what we are today or will be tomorrow.

As for engineers, no one teaches you how to code like Zuckerberg in college and as for lawyers, no one teaches you to close cases like Harvey Specter (Okay that may be a bit far-fetched but you do get the point, don’t you?). As much as we know how theoretical knowledge is important, its applications matter more. And for those who’ve watched FRIENDS, your “compuper” skills don’t count.

4. Answer sheets comparable to research papers :

Answer sheets are a cruel joke and sometimes, you gotta fill the entire document of over 40-50 pages by things which are at times, unrelated to the question just to make your answers look snazzy and informative (Yeah, we all know what that means). Every 10-marker question is explained like a thesis and this art is mastered by the students across the years. However, in engineering your content might get exhausted after a while but in law, there is always something to mention. The content is almost unending.

5. Jobs a.k.a The Killing Joke :

Be it engineering or law, the main purpose of a professional course is an almost assured ease of procedures while securing a good job. But with the lack of skill in individuals coupled with the incompetence of college authorities in providing quality training results in individuals getting either low paid or worse, no jobs at all.

You need to be a jack of all trades and do the things that your institutions should be doing for you to get a fantastic job otherwise “Welcome to Infosys / TCS, you’re hired for a package of 3.5 lakhs”.

To sum it up, here’s a massive salute to some of the most hard-working students in the country in these courses who may just become future leaders, be it in any of the two mentioned fields.

Keep studying and keep working hard.

Who knows where your answer sheets may take you one day? Haha.



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