6 Sarcastic News That Happened This Week: Trash It, Trend It

Forgot to follow news this week? Or found it boring af?

Worry not. WE are here to present to you news in a way you cannot imagine. From puns to sarcasm dungs, each will be entertained. The motto here is: Why should news be served to you in a simple plate when you can get it served with a hamper full of fun and entertainment.



This week it was the 41st anniversary of un-required, un-necessary, un-realistic, un-democratic and un-understandable Emergency.



Bollywood wins the Award for “Best Display Of Hypocrisy and Double Standards” as no one is ready to oppose Salman on his rape remark and he himself hasn’t apologized up till now. Because Ek bar jo commitment kar li uske baad mai apne baap ki bhi nhi sunta.

Salman enjoying company of Deepika(My Choice), Anupam Kher(9 time comic winner and copyright of nationalism), and other pretentious personalities at IIFA 2016 in Spain.


TVF Permanent Roommates season 2 finale episode released this week. Didn’t know Tankesh could make us cry and laugh at the same time. Last time this happened was when I was watching FRIENDS (Everyday!)





China ditches India in NSG bid. Typical China, not even assurance lasts for long just like its products.



Britain’s population voted in favor of #Brexit. It’s surprising to see that not a lot of Britishers understand Brexit just like we don’t understand their half-eaten accent. Anyway, here is our point to point analogy of Brexit.



This week #24GoldenYearsOfKingKhan was trending on Twitter. So many movies done by SRK in his career and still one can count all the sensible movies done by him on fingers. *Prove me wrong if you can*


Hope to see you next week. Till then don’t trash your mind with random BS. Wait for us. Every Sunday.


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