You Can Now Set Up Your Own Online Shopping Site For Free

How many times does one recall asking a relative to start a business of their beautiful craftwork, even if just as a casual praise? Certainly more than one can count on fingers. But the enormity of starting something, and sometimes the sheer logistics of a marketplace daunt over the prospect of what can potentially carve its own niche.

While discussing similar prospects with a friend recently, I stumbled upon a portal anyone could take for a fancy, ambitious outing, just like my friend’s (the fanciness was extra, maybe). It turned out to be easy on the eye and the interface didn’t take a minute for us to get used to.


The home page asks for a few details, namely location, language and currency, which shows the impressive international nature and all-inclusiveness of the portal. And below, one could see a nice collection of items that aren’t sold in a lot of places; things like this beautiful purse style birthday card.


Next, I have my eyes set on this particular writing desk. I’m busy saving up for it, though it isn’t too expensive to be bought before the next month ends. And then, I’ll want the green block printed skirt. But before everything else, I shall buy myself a good lot of (generously discounted) food.

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Ever the fan of buying and selling online, my friend had found the answer to her search for a free online shop in the worldwide, mobile first platform of

More than as a marketplace, it comes to many a small business as an encouragement. It does away with the complications of a physical marketplace and yet, is different from the other players in the space, in terms of aesthetics and most definitely in terms of convenience.

Well, you can surf for everything, compare, chat with the buyer/seller and purchase at the best prices, and well make money, online. Remember, when I say ‘everything’, I mean it.


E-commerce is so 2015, say hello to social commerce with

So create your free online shop with the seed of an idea, or simply, Search, Buy, Love!

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