No point in cribbing, please stop finding faults in EVERYTHING Indians!

I wish I could stop doing something thinking people wouldn’t care but no.. You just can’t get away.. Because what ever you do, they’ve always got a problem..


Some children, for instance, start crying all of a sudden. When asked, they come with all sorts of answers, “The cow mooed at me!” “He got hurt, why didn’t I?” “No one likes me!” “I won’t go by car. It has four wheels.

We’d probably laugh at this because they are kids! Yet, some of the “grown ups” still find problem with everything!

Like, there was this lady I met at the hospital. When I told her that I was the only child, she freaked out. “You don’t have brothers? Ask your mother to get you one. This is infidelity towards the society!

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Then there are political issues. Someone decides to get the drainage systems cleaned up and then his neighbour reckons he is doing it for an award.

And of course, the saas-bahu problems. No matter what, even if the bride is of her own choice, she has to be against the bride. Else, it is shameful for the ‘Mother in law’ fraternity.

It always comes down to this. However hard they work, people finally do find something to blame them for. I would say, if you have got a problem, go do stuff on your own! Why do you even care going to them?

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There is hardly going to be any difference whether you find fault or not. Except maybe things will slow down. And since you aren’t going to do anything but complain, I’d ask you to shut up and the let the society progress. Just live and let live.

Also, I think unless you have a hand in creating the problem, the problem is never yours. And if you have still got issues, then it is Pandora’s fault. I still wonder, why did she have to do this to the humanity?

Why Pandora, why?

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