Innovations Around A Saree That Would Give You Major Saree Shopping Goals

Having had my mother’s closet as an inspiration, I have always wanted to wear a saree for an occasion. The long process, however, of finding a saree that would make me look like Priyanka Chopra in Desi Girl (big dreams, well..) is gruesome to say the least. My shopping used to go like this: Go to one market, come home disappointed, go to another one, like something that is out of budget, come home wailing like a baby!

Well, I found a convenient alternative to it, thanks to the boon of the internet, i.e. online shopping sites (read: the lazy woman’s marketplace). Honestly, I have spent days and nights buying clothes online without even leaving my air conditioned room. Also, the benefit of window-shopping without being judged!

Check out the amazing sarees worn by our celebrities and be inspired to replicate them one day:


  1. Sarong Style Saree

MandiraBedi, on her recent vacation has lived upto her amazing fashion sense and is giving us serious goals. She wore a saree draped like a sarong and oh boy can we stop gazing at her pictures! Though these lycra sarees are a part of her fashion line, Salt, you can replicate this look by using a chiffon or georgette one.

Mandira10 - Copy

  1. Saree with Cape

Once a fashionista, always a fashionista is clearly the motto of the always red carpet ready, Sonam Kapoor. She started the trend of wearing a cape over a saree in 2014, and we still cannot seem to let go of it. Buy an embellished saree, a barely-there blouse, and wear a netted cape over it, is the plain way of looking every bit a queen.


  1. Denim Saree

For the innovative kind, the denim saree has just entered the market with the brilliant design by Anubha Jain. Spotted on Mini Mathur, who looked chic, this six yard fabric is for denim lovers. How about teaming up moccasins with them?

image (2)

  1. Belted Saree

A kamar-bandhis too overly done now. Accessorise your saree with a belt instead, like Mini Mathur, and you could be the trendsetter of your group or family!


  1. Tiered Saree

Wanting to buy a saree different from the regular ones? Try out the tiered saree. Seen on Sonam Kapoor at Cannes, making her look as if she just arrived from heaven, with a deep-necked blouse, this trend is here to stay. Just dig a little “deeper” on a shopping website.

Sonam Kapoor Cannes15(1)

  1. Saree with Pants

Not the petticoat kind? Try draping a beautiful, plain, chiffon saree over black pants. Colour block your way, dare to be different! Be like DiaMirza!


  1. Double Pallu

A single pallu over the shoulder is too mainstream now, because of Sonam Kapoor and Anamika Khanna. Create your own look inspired by her, by draping a saree in the normal way, and then draping a similar colouredchunni all the way to the other shoulder!


  1. Jacket as Blouse

Wanting to look as royal as Kareena Kapoor? (good luck, I must say)

You could try replacing the blouse with a short blazer or a long jacket, to give your saree a more intense and classy look!


  1. Butterfly Style Drape

Draping saree in a butterfly style is often said to be Bollywood’s favourite. This basically means draping your saree with the pallu’s width as less that your naval is visible.

Maybe that is the key to look like DeepikaPadukone in BattameezDil (*prays to god*).


  1. Saree with a Cropped Top

Drop the blouse (no pun intended), for a cropped top. I could not even think of wearing my saree with a cropped top, had it not been for Jacqueline Fernandez who rocked the look, and blew us over looking so adorable. (Imitating this for sure!)



Don’t these styles look absolutely ravishing, making you want to wear a saree right now? It is time to go SHOPPING!

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