Debunking Narcissism: 5 Myths Busted About A Misunderstood Personality Trait

It has never been easy being a narcissist. The negative connotation associated with the word has made it impossible for people to accept any other fact except based on what they’re fed with by the media which is why we need to get some things straight, pronto.

Here are 5 common myths about narcissism and narcissists :

1. Narcissism is exactly the same as superiority complex :

Now, the basic thing about superiority complex is that it is a comparative attribute wheres narcissism is all about the person associated with it. In simple words, the former says, “I’m awesome, you’re not.” whereas the latter says, “I couldn’t care less about you. I know I’m awesome”.

Narcissists often indulge in self-admiration, that’s a given. But braggadocio in narcissists doesn’t mean that they make the other guy look bad.

2. Narcissists are selfish :

The most ridiculously annoying myth, hands down.
Firstly, people need to differentiate between “egoism” and “egotism” and get their facts right. Egoism is the trait where an individual’s general thought process involves being selfish and egotism simply deals with an individual showing off his stuff. Generally, egotism may come close to defining narcissism but technically, it doesn’t.

A driven personality and a constant hunger to be the best at what he does is often confused as selfishness in a narcissist.

3. Narcissists are incapable of exhibiting emotions and sustaining emotional relationships with anybody :

Okay, so what if Kanye married Kim and named his baby North West?
The emotion and the love that Kanye has displayed for his daughter on various occasions and even on his songs (refer to the song “Only One”) is simply just one example that narcissists (even as high profile celebrities) are capable of sustaining emotional relationships or even raise a family.

4. Narcissists are foul mouthed jerks and live in their own dream world :

Self aggrandizement by narcissists actually makes them much more driven and sophisticated than an average individual. They learn to admire and treat themselves so well that it reflects in their conversations and mannerisms with the ones around them.

Sure, sarcasm and condescending remarks is sort of encoded in their DNA but you’ll probably never hear them using cuss words or going overboard with their anger in a room full of people.

5. Narcissists are just “all hype and no show” :

And that’s where you’re wrong.
The basic difference between egotists and narcissists is that the former group thrives on false ego and validation without any meaningful credentials to their name to brag about whereas the latter group of individuals knows their shortcomings, strengths and intends to capitalize on them to make them better and (though a bit far fetched) strive for perfection.

Narcissists are driven to be the best and often come across as selfish for that, as stated above in point no. 2.

Well, there you have it.

Identify. Observe. And then make a judgment. Narcissists may come across as weird and arrogant but that doesn’t mean you stamp an opinion on them solely based on hearsay.

Even if you do, pretty sure they couldn’t care less.

And in the words of one of the most famous narcissists, Mr. Kanye West himself :

“Name one genius that ain’t crazy.”


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