WhatsApp Finally Introduces Desktop Application aka WhatsApp Application For The Messenger

After the end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp has yet again raised the online standards. The company has finally announced  the functioning of its official desktop application- WhatsApp application for both Windows and Mac yesterday.

How does the application work?

The functioning of WhatsApp application is more or less same like that of WhatsApp Web. The application is available for download on  https://www.whatsapp.com/download. Once the application is downloaded and installed on your computer, all you need to do is scan the QR Code which appears under the WhatsAppWeb option on your phone and get your desktop application started! WhatsApp application comes with live notifications, key board shortcuts and a mirror image of your phone chats. And all of this will require your handset to be constantly connected to the web. Something exactly like WhatsApp Web.



Which operating systems support the application?

As of now, WhatsApp application is expected to support both Windows and Mac. More specifically, Windows 8+ and Mac 10.9+ are the supporting systems that can enjoy this new application.

Why WhatsApp application?

Though WhatsApp application visibly has nothing different from WhatsApp Web yet the company launched it. Recently, people have been trying to use WhatsApp as a desktop application using third party sources. To eradiicate all such practices completely, WhatsApp finally decided to offically launch their own aplication.

Though there has been no official announcement of how WhatsApp application would have an edge over WhatsApp Web but we are expecting atleast a feature or two that may force me to download an application for WhatsApp instead of clicking on the ‘WhatsApp Web bookmark’ in Chrome. As a WhatsApp addict, I really had high hopes when I read about the application. But, there isn’t anything much that would help me hold my excitement. Previously, the only feature that did not appear on WhatsApp Web was WhatsApp calling. So may be this time, if the application allows WhatsApp calling (both audio and video) that may widen it’s market and gather more audience who otherwise found it of little use (like me).

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