Star Wars Day Post : Why The Prequels Were Good

Hola people! Happy Star Wars day to all. May the 4th be with you!

On this special occasion, I would like to tell you about why I think the prequels were pretty good, and why most Star Wars fans don’t like it.


  1. Those aged people!

When the original trilogy came, most star wars fans were kids. That’s why they loved the idea of Wookies and Ewoks. When the prequels came, they had all grown up, so obviously they couldn’t tolerate pod racing or Gungans for that matter. I watched the Star Wars prequels as a kid, and I didn’t mind Jar Jar Binks, or the fact that Anakin defeats the trade federation army by mistake.


  1. The mockery

If romance was a genre that nerds and geeks liked, episode 2 would have been a hit. But nerds and geeks don’t appreciate the awesome action in episode 2, like Yoda vs Dooku, or the battle with the droid army, or anything else that made star wars what it is. They’d instead mock the three or four romantic scenes that needed to be put to complete the story, and honestly, I being a romance fan must tell you that it was good romance; whatever might the nerds tell you.


  1. No plot-holes

From the beginning of the prequel trilogy, we are shown how Anakin fears the loss of his loved ones, how he can’t control his emotions to avenge them, and that’s why when he fears losing Padme, he turns to the dark side. We see how chancellor Palpatine rises to power by the play of politics and creates an empire. The story is flawless.


  1. Natalie Portman

To be honest, from episode 1 to 3 she draws you toward herself. Her character is beautiful, strong, and lovable. And moreover, she is Natalie Portman.


  1. The force and the lightsabers

Lastly, the lightsaber battles are the most fulfilling sequences of all the Star Wars movies. The originals had poor CGI and poor fighting skills as well, as though untrained people are fighting. And episode 7 has an untrained girl fighting better than the masters on the Jedi council, who tried arresting Darth Sidious.


Yep it should have ended like this:

If I was born in the original trilogy era, I’d probably support the dark side because we have the power to produce electric shocks with our fingers. You only support the Jedi when you see Obi Wan vs. Grievous or Yoda vs. Sidious.

But well some people won’t like the prequels whatever we may do, you guys go calculate the loss that America would have to bear if the Avengers movie happened in real life. Scoot.

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