‘So Sole’: A Shoe That Helps Us Make Friends. Do We Really Need It?

Shoes are no longer just fancy clothing for the feet. They are now acting as pandits that will help you find your ‘sole’mate. Han Bojian’s So Sole is designed to help you get in touch with people who share similar personalities and hobbies, as yours.

The Design


Han Bojian has taken great care in ensuring that his complex coding and electronics do not hinder with the comfort of the shoe. The shoe has three layers – the outer layer inspired from the moth’s wing, indicating lightness and durability; the middle layer for the integrated circuitry and the inner neoprene layer for comfort.  The insole contains  the Arduino and a 3D printed battery that ensure effective working of the shoe.

How Does It Intend To Help Us?


With the growth of our online profiles, our offline images seem to have taken a downward turn. So Sole, intends to change this. This pair of shoes is designed to connect to an application that would then collect data from our social media profiles (like everything there is real) and gain an understanding of our personality and behaviour. With this complex analysis done, the shoe acquires a specific colour.

So, the next time, you are able to take time off the virtual world for reality, and find people wearing So Sole, you can identify the person who has similar interests as yours, just by looking at their shoe, as its colour would intensify and start blinking.

Do We Really Need It?

Maybe NOT. In a world that is struggling to cut down on its virtual interactions, and not judge people, the So Sole engages us in doing just the opposite. It’s commendable design has only helped us in getting a reality check, and nothing else. Have we really come to a stage where we need technology to help us interact? Have we become that dumb, and literally ‘speechless’?

Even though it is claimed that our generation has almost lost its ability to interact, will a shoe help? Yes, I can find a person with similar interests, but I already have other well-established means to do so. Social media interactions have bestowed on me the power to categorize people based on their profiles; do I really need a shoe to help me do that again in the ‘real’ world?

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