Are You An Ambivert? No, That Does Not Make You Crazy


Do you ever feel like you are not an extrovert but at the same time you aren’t an introvert either?

Most people are confused regarding their sexuality, but I am confused at my personality. I’m an introvert. NO! NO! I’m an extrovert. Okay, I’m an introvert. But wait…..


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Life is tough when you don’t know which road to take. But being an ambivert, a person experiences traveling both the roads. Partially only, though.

As an ambivert, let me make you aware of my deflecting experiences.

Talking too much then realizing it’s not worth

Introverts talk very less.  So less that people think they are planning a bomb blast or a suicide (Both are synonymous these days). An extrovert talks a lot. To the point that there is a clear chance of getting punched in the face. If you think that an ambivert talks not very much and not too less, then you’re wrong my friend. This is the most lolling problem we face. Sometimes we talk too much and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we talk and talk and talk and in the middle of the conversation, we realize that this is not a good idea. So we slowly stop, not to sound too rude. *Awkward*

We suffer from split personality disorder

One personality is not enough for us. There has to be a certain point of suspense. We may act strangely someplace and be perfectly normal someplace else. It is this characteristic which may compel our friends to refuse to recognize us in public. We may act all jovial today but you never know what will tomorrow bring for us.

People consider us MOODY

It’s because of the change in behavior which forces people to shove their opinions on us. Opinions like “You Are Moody Bro” “You are so moody that we can call you Narendra MOODI”

Big Surprise! We are not moody. We are just not very much confirmed about how to express ourselves in a particular unexpected upcoming situation. And we’re not sorry for that.

Telling someone too much and regretting it a second later

This happens to a lot of people. From introvert to extrovert, from Salman to Shah Rukh. Everyone. Almost everyone has once in their lifetime put this as a WhatsApp status. Ambiverts suffer from this problem way too much. And I mean waaaaaaaay too much.

We are like “Shit why did I say this to him” “Oh my God, we’re not even that close” “Wtf, What did I just do”

For us expressing emotions to the wrong person is like committing a felony which is punishable by a 7-year rigorous imprisonment.

We do hang out. A lot. But with the right person. Always

Don’t think of as of introverts who are confined to their beds/rooms. Ambiverts hang out a lot. They go to movies, riding, eating,etc just like any normal sane homo sapien. But, however, the problem lies with the right kind of company. If it’s not compatible then it isn’t worth standing even a minute. Also, we freak out when we unexpectedly meet someone in public. We’re like “Cant I have even one second of peace, b*tch”

At the same time, we do love our alone time where we “introspect”.

After reading this, you may find ambiverts crazy. But it’s okay because we are.

However, it’s a rollercoaster ride to be an ambivert. Both fun and fear, at the same time.

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