An Open Letter To Kangana Ranaut: India’s Icon Of Misplaced Feminism

Dear Queen,

I’m writing this open letter to you because I would like to humbly apologize for something really bad that I did.

I doubted you.

The fact of the matter is that I used to think that if someone sends over 3000 emails to someone, some of them with obnoxiously explicit content, it’s called being an obsessed stalker. Though until before your case, I thought that was uncool. I thought that if two people are in a relationship for a period as long as seven years, then there would be more than just words and claims to prove that relationship.

I was enlightened, my lady, as I watched your video with Barkha Dutt. Though you could turn any woman on, I must share my secret philosophy: I think she really likes you. And who wouldn’t? You are a true queen. Anyone would look shabby before your stance and the way you talk. I mean, no other woman in Bollywood has this kind of righteous political incorrectness as you do. None other gets her way – by hook or by crook – as you do.

For a moment, my mind wandered. The interview looked more like a mutual admiration club, where was it pre decided on the context of the questions to be all around feminism? (Which my simple mind didn’t see how connected to what actually happened between ‘two adults’)

But boy, did you manage to turn tables! No wonder they call you the icon of feminism. When you “broke up” with your “silly ex”, the names Twitter called you were so uncalled for! I’m so glad that this topic of hard core feminism has been cleared out and you’re on the throne again. Queen of Bollywood: so righteous.

However, when I was in sin, these thoughts occurred to me: if a man stalks a woman with 3000 emails and alleges her of being in a shady relationship with him, and she then brushed it off before the media, then they would call it harassment and he would be seen as a potential rapist.

But then how dare I think that the same rules should apply for women?


We are innocent all.the.time! Thank you for showing me that.

I heard Hrithik proposed to you in Paris? But then they said that his passport didn’t have any stamps? They never speculated that he could have entered France through various countries – there is always room to doubt everyone’s claims – but yours, of course.

And now I listen to your claims that Hrithik Roshan hacked into your mail account and deleted all the mails that he had written to you. Wow, Dhoom must’ve really taught him some tricks. I mean, who would believe that he could deny all of it AND erase proof? But don’t worry Kangana, we’re with you. We are with you because you are a feminist and that too who hails from a small town.

I have always believed myself to be a true feminist. I’ve always thought that misogyny is bad (glad to know you think so to, from the Barkha interview). But then India you see… Stupid women-hatred abounds. I’m sure that they’re trying to pull you down. As is Mr. Roshan. I don’t care how often he denies that he wasn’t linked to you. I trust YOU, Queen. You are a feminist, and a strong independent woman who has seen a lot in life, and I’m sure that by virtue of being a woman, you HAVE to be right.

Because lying is a Y-chromosome trait: women don’t lie. Especially not Queens.

Allow me to admire another one of your statements:

“I am not ashamed of my body and most definitely not my desire.”

There is a vital point of consent here, Kangana. If you have flaunted your body and desires onto someone who is not interested then it’s a case of sexual trespassing and harassment. And we feminists have to be “today” enough to accept that men can feel sexually harassed too.

As a public figure, you are changing lives. I’m proud that you fight for men’s rights too. In such a scenario, I understand not how anyone can doubt your character?

I’m sure you can never imply that stalking = being open about your body and desires. You seem sensible enough (at least before the interviewers) that you wouldn’t take this issue lightly.

Well done, Kangana Ranaut. Pehle kisi ko stalk karo, up to criminal limits, and then use the “woman” card to put on a show of being innocent and honorable. You really are a Queen – a Pageant Queen! Somehow, you will turn anything and everything into world issues! You are well versed in turning tables, I see. You almost had me fooled.

But here’s where you slipped. Staging for the world to think that you are oh-so-righteous and oh-so-modest by diverting from the issue and talking about feminism and how being called names doesn’t affect you? Please save it for someone who was born yesterday.

Or, since we saw obvious factual defeat of yours in front of your claims, you thought, India is going all gaga over the term feminism; it’s the latest buzz word, let’s ride the wave and deflect everyone’s attention from the main agenda and turn the entire debate into man vs. ‘poor’ women?

Seasoned politician, eh!

And for god’s sake, brush up your common sense! Feminism and misogyny have nothing to do with your obsessive relationship with someone imaginary. If you are actually as rebellious as you show, then when someone is claiming they weren’t involved, prove it through facts. Or shut up, accept it and apologize!

Lady, you are setting up a bad example. You are staining what true feminists in the country are working for.  We are working for equality and anyone who is running away from facts can’t find refuge in feminist arguments.

Any strong, independent woman would not care to insinuate a relationship. She will either be silent about it or openly speak about it and claim responsibility for her statements.

So my dear queen, thank you for getting equally paid in a patriarchal society. But keep the politics out and say sorry. That’s how royals behave. Not that you are one.

Yours truly
NOT sorry

I don’t know about everyone else, but Kangana should definitely read this:

Misuse, Misconception & Double Standards In Feminism



  1. Is Kangana a pyscho…???
    (Again asking for public apology just before her movie Simran, same she did Rangoon and other movies)
    She even faked a pic of both of them, which was later dismissed by Hrithik’s ex wife , who eventually provided the real pic of the party.
    Get a life girl and medical treatment…
    U badly need it.
    All who r supporting her now , especially who the so-called feminist n all, will eventually realise what kind of girl she was and she is as of now..
    Get well soon…..KR.!!!!

  2. Well. It is because of people like you that bollywood actors get so much importance and think they can do what they want with anyone. If you think she is a stalker and your so called actor Hrithik was so tired of her thousands of e-mails. Why not call her up and say that when you are working with her in a movie at the same time? or why not call the police after maybe first 100, why wait for 3000 of them?
    If you read what Hrithik has leaked, it is pretty clear that he might have written them himself, coz no person who gives interviews in such stable mind can write all this. Secondly, why did he get so frustrated and slammed a notice when she only said silly-ex without mentioning any names? So many actors and actresses are linked by media for anything they say, do they keep slamming notices at each other? A person who himself is guilty can only react at such things.
    Well anyways die hard fans like you can only lend unconditional support irrespective of what they do. God forbids they don’t end up doing something like this to someone in your family or probably you. It will be something to see how you react as apparently you will be the drama queen then.

  3. wow…who made you a writer….ranting is not writing….Hrithik was so quick to slap a law suit on Kangana…and shower her with allegations…he couldn’t prove even one of it….and yeah….hacking into a lovers account if know the password and writing letter to oneself to suit ones narrative is pretty easy….its obvious that he is mortified that the public will know that he had an affair while still married….stop kissing asses of the rich and the influential…learn to write with less vitriol and pettiness next time….the word feminism has no place in your article coz you have no clue…and’ pageant queen?’…she was never that…you sound like a mean lil teenager when u call her that…see such matters are obviously beyond your ‘expertise’…too nuanced for your comprehension…stick to what you know…and stop sounding so blinded by prejudice…its obvious that you were never on kanganas side…so stop pretending to be disappointed….you r a black mark for women everywhere…..stop calling yourself one if you cant even get the basics right


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