ED Introduces Its Sexual Awareness Column – SexED!

Are you the nympho of your group? Constantly chiming in with ‘That’s what she said!’ as your comebacks? Or are you just confused about your sexuality? Or how safe gay sex is for that matter. Want to know about live-in-sex and its repercussions?

Never got to ask, because talking about it is… awkward?

Ever felt that feeling where everyone is eyeing you as if you did something wrong? It’s palpable in the tone of a friend’s ‘You’ve gone third base already?’, and exudes in the look of the shopkeeper scanning you from top to bottom when you ask for a condom… and those cheeky comments from people when you’re in a live-in. Consequently, you’re inevitably this nervous wreck of hormones when the topic is S.E.X.


It’s a common observation in our generation that if a guy believes in sex after marriage, he’s a keeper, and if the girlfriend insists upon sex after marriage she is just being “reserved” and “uptight” like most others. So yes, there are gender complications too.

Whether explicitly or not, the Indian society has attached awful guilt and shame to sex – making it a hoo-ha of sorts. So, we’re coming up with a sex column to help you lose all the discomfort about your body, whether a guy or a girl, and probably laugh off all sexual morbidity accompanied by those high-five moments.

What we want to talk about, is what you can’t (maybe) find in Cosmo, nor is it a revised version of Chetan Bhagat’s semi-pornos either. We are exploring the sexual field in our country and delving deep into the hush-hush of it.

All the unnecessary stigma attached to fornication needs to be rubbed clear as sex is simply a pleasurable intimate act that nobody needs to give two shits about except for you two. So, time to ditch all your UGHS and EEKS and roll in with us for some exciting, knowledgeable, hilarious sexual enlightenment.

P.s: If you’re totes embarrassed after reading what we’ve written previously, you’re only gonna get better and wiser. So don’t shy away coz that’s the whole reason we are doing this.

Stay tuned ‘cause here we start! Sex’ED!


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