Gatimaan Express: Only For Firang Tourists Or Will Indian Middle Class Use It?

The recently flagged Gatiman express from Delhi Nizamuddin station shows how eager people are to save time, even if it is just fifteen minutes.

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What’s with the Name?

Hanuman, Shaktiman and now Gatiman. Name of a train, as such, never matters. But this catchy name phrase is definitely bothering each and every mind. English for Gati is speed and for Maan is person. To assume, Gatimaan was named because of its high speed. But it fascinates me how one can come up with such an innovative name.

So What’s Special In It?

The Gatiman express has a speed of about 160 km/hour. It will cover the distance between Delhi and Agra, which is 184 km by train. It will reach Agra in about 100 minutes. Yes, you cannot watch more than one movie on that train.

During the journey, the dishes served would include mini dosa, chicken rolls, kanjeevaram idli, Spanish omelet, etc.

New features include sliding doors between coaches, GPS-based passenger information, and automatic alarm system. The Gatiman Express has made it evident that Indians are now searching for luxury and lucrativeness. The old fashioned concept of travelling has evolved into comfort travelling.


But here’s a catch:

  1. The Gatimaan express charges Rs. 1500 hundred for executive class and Rs. 750 for the AC chair car and reaches Agra in about 100 minutes.
  2. The Shatabdi express, on the other hand, charges Rs. 1050 for executive class and Rs. 555 for AC chair car and reaches Agra in about 120 minutes.
  3. The Yamuna Expressway is a 165 km highway connecting Delhi and Agra. Travelers can reach Delhi within 120 minutes and 150 maximum within Rs. 500 – 600 worth of petrol.

For Middle Class or For Elite Ones?

So what is with the expensive journey?

And why in God’s name would someone eat so much on a two-hour journey? Don’t they fear using that dirty common bathroom in trains?

Apart from all the appraisals it is getting, the hype created by it is extremely nonsensical. Gatimaan express is no doubt a good policy of railways. But since the majority of Indians are middle class, therefore, money is always an issue. The Gatiman express is nothing but an extremely expensive train which lets you visit the Taj Mahal 20 minutes earlier than you planned.

Train Hostesses. Whaaaaaat!

It is said to have train hostesses and an entertainment system. I think the railways is trying to make up to people who cannot afford airlines. If a similar experience is provided by Gatimaan then it is worth it.

Will Typical Dehlites Use It?

You know future is approaching fast when short distance travel are getting expensive day by day. The thing to be seen is that whether Delhi people, who are addicted to travel in the insanely cheap delhi metro, will opt to travel in unrealistically expensive Gatimaan or not.

Taj Mahal, See You Soon

Gatimaan express has been started keeping in mind the tourists Taj Mahal attracts. Taj Mahal being one of the wonders of the world and Delhi being the capital city face a lot of rush relating to train tickets. Little extra train seats won’t’ hurt anyone.


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