Easy, Yummy Foods That You Can Eat All Day Without Getting Fat

What if I told you that there exists mouthwatering, tasty food that doesn’t make you fat?

What if I told you, that the ingredients won’t change?
No boiled chicken, no raw eggs, no raw veggies.

What if I told you that you can binge on your diet and your instructor won’t get mad?

What if I made you a list that your gym nutritionist will not say no to, because it’s all vegetarian, balanced and tasty?

  1. Popcorn

You read that right. Popped corn is the healthiest way to cook those yellow kernels. A medium sized bowl, if puffed by natural heat (remember those old tiny shops in fairs?), and seasoned with salt and chilli – no butter – does wonders. It’s got a lot of air, so it’s filling, but not heavy.


2.  Protein Chips

The reason you are reading this is probably because you just can NOT stay away from snacks. Especially chips. However, what if you could get all the crunch, munch and the flavor of the chips, but not have to worry about the calories?

It’s possible, you know. All you’d have to do is replace the potato chips, with protein chips! Your tongue wouldn’t even know the difference.

There are many companies trying to substitute the crunchy-muchies with healthier options, but they end up charging a fortune. However, we came across one Indian product which is easy on the tongue, pocket and waist. RiteBite’s protein chips are made of 7 good grains, and are available in three flavors. But the best part: not fried, not even baked… it’s “puffed” with hot air! You can’t get healthier than that.

RiteBite-MaxProtein-Chips-Feb2016-13. Protein Bars

No other company seems to be hitting the sweet spot of the Indian tooth as “safely” as Naturell India (manufacturers of the guilt-free chocolaty bars). Yeah, I used ‘guilt-free’ and ‘chocolate’ in the same sentence! With chocolate being another weakness of all binge-eaters, MAX Protein Bars provide a healthier option without asking you to sacrifice any of the happiness.

When I was working out a year ago, I was alternating between these and homemade daliya for breakfast. And because of the variety options and better taste and texture of these bars, I preferred them more. I won’t say much, just that I lost 12 kgs in 2 months. *drop mic*


They have a CHOCO FUDGE flavor, just sayin’…

4. Oatmeal

OK so this is another one of those cheat foods which are basically just a way to trick your tongue into thinking that you are eating junk. Earlier, when oats were to be boiled with milk and sugar and eaten with fruit, the idea was kind of repulsive.

But now, with many companies having released masala flavors, and after experimenting a lot, I’ve decided that I like it better than Maggi or other instant noodles. For one, it leaves my conscience clean, and then all the fibre content of the oats makes you poop better, so you KNOW it doesn’t accumulate in your body.


5. Fruit and nut butter

Everyone knows that fruits are awesome. And oh-so-healthy. But what’s with the “butter” part?

Well, biophysics says that the body burns only fat when you are resting or are doing something that requires low energy, like sitting or sleeping or just lazing around. On the other hand, if your lifestyle is more about laborious work: if you pace while thinking or you can’t sit anywhere for too long, or have to walk/cycle long distances everyday, then body will burn carbs.

In each case, the other nutrient stays in the body. Since this article is for those who like to sit and eat, I’d suggest that you eat watery fruits (for the fibre and water) and nut butters(for the fat). Nut butters can be peanut, hazelnut, almond, etc. but make sure that the ratio of fruit to butter is not imbalanced.


6. Trail Mix

Beer makes you fat. Many other alcoholic drinks do, so those are off this list. But you can still enjoy the chakna! Trail mixes are DIY foods, that you can simply munch on because “Muh chalta rehna chahiye”.

How to make this:
Take some cereal you like (I like plain oats)

Add some nuts (I like salted pistachio, almond and walnuts)

Add something sweet (I like mini chocochips and dried berries)

Add something salty (I already added salted pistachio)

If you don’t like my trail mix, look up other recipes online, but it’s a great snack.


7. Green Tea

Like I said, alcohol makes you fat. But then again, so does your daily dose of masala chai and Latte coffee. So what do you DRINK that won’t add to your weight? The answer comes from China:  绿茶

i.e. Green Tea. Made by simply boiling tea leaves in hot water, this beverage is the most innocent of all. The base is just water, it has no caffeine and even the flavoring (if done at all) is from natural condiments such as mint, lemon, honey or ginger.

However, it is an acquired taste and most don’t like it in the first go. But then isn’t that the same with alcohol? So stop giving excuses. This will BURN your calories instead of adding to them.


So here are some goody-two-shoe foods which will not sew your clothes tighter every night. The main trick with them all is that they are the kind of foods that you will not be able to hog on continuously anyway, your body will automatically limit the quantity. So permitting the unlimited quantity is just a way to fool your psyche into thinking that you can have as much as you want but you don’t have to feel bad later. Win-win!

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