Tabloid Holds Breast Cleavage Contest And Indian Men Lead It: Are We Losing It?

Recently British tabloid newspaper, the Sun hosted a bizarre online competition.

It asked participants to send snaps of their..,ahem, cleavages!

The ‘best’ cleavage stood a chance to win 1000 pounds!

Now it is good news for those who have assets worthy of display and are not ashamed to have the world gazing at them! It is also good news for voyeurs who are, unfortunately, abundant in our world.

The marketing gimmick is likely to result in a surge in Sun’s readership. A sad fact about humans is that testosterone and oestrogen trump intelligence in matters governing behaviour.




If you are bamboozled by the nature of the competition, wait till you see who the front-runners are! Those of you wide-eyed men, who can’t wait to go to Sun’s website and indulge in a lascivious browsing through the images, I have bad news for you.

The frontrunner of this race is a demographic group which you are least expecting. They are none other than Indian MEN.


Some Indian participants sent in images of their fronts in an earnest hope to bag the money. But soon afterwards, social media started being bombarded with (mostly ugly) photos of topless Indian Men: from Baba Ramdev to Mulayam Singh Yadav sporting their bare chests.


Now, these developments may seem humorous and venial on the face of it. But they do ring several bells.

In the medieval era, knights and gladiators used to compete in battles where men would display their strength and skill. Archery and fencing were popular competitions. Compare these with this new kind of competition. Those were medieval times. This is post-renaissance era. So, is human intelligence declining through the ages? Or is it a case of declining taste?


The internet is the greatest equalizing force in today’s world. But it seems to have done more harm than good. Indeed, it has taken away our reading habits, filled us with invectives and blurred the demarcation between the aesthetic and the vulgar.

Imagine the impact this can have on a teenager who comes across Sun’s tabloid. With inchoate ideas about right and wrong, he might come to think of such a competition as perfectly normal!

There was a time when “the sun” never set in the British Empire. Britain once produced great scholars, playwrights and explorers. Today it’s producing tabloid newspapers which in turn produce content like the one under discussion. Britain is presently nothing close to the glorious empire it once was. But a few more online tabloids like these and “the sun” might set pretty soon on what remains of it.

Finally, let me come to us, Indians. We never want to be left behind, do we? Always ahead of the curve, that’s us. Whether it’s about academia or about tits, it seems we always like to lead the pack. And we have lived up to our reputation on this occasion too. In fact, this time, even China couldn’t beat us!!

We’ll become the next superpower for sure. Hurrah!



On a more serious note, posting your cleavage online is not cool. Neither are tits a matter of national pride. Earlier in the week, Indian model Poonam Pandey showed off her fronts on twitter in what she called “her style” of congratulating the Indian cricket team. It seems she has inspired many a man to follow suit. Congratulations Poonam, you are a role model to many!


During the journey from the medieval era to post-renaissance, we have lost our virtues, our morals and our taste. So, how long before we lose our minds?


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