Tera Surroor: Let Me Tell You What All Is Wrong With This Film & Himesh Reshammiya

I don’t know what got into me, but suddenly I felt like watching the new Himesh Reshammiya film in town – Tera Surroor.

I wish someone could’ve just killed me before I made that decision.

From the trailer, one could observe that HR put in a lot of effort for this film. He built his body and changed his hairstyle.


Pity that nothing can be done about those vocal cords, though. That would have been a real comfort.

Songs Galore!

As can be seen in all his films, he also turned music composer for the film. I think he took the job too seriously, because instead of dialogues being interspersed with songs, it’s the other way round! Literally! 2 minutes of dialogues are followed by 10 minutes of songs. All throughout the 2-hour long film I was wishing that I had a remote to skip the songs.

Disappointing Dialogues

It is not as if the dialogues were any good too. Here are some excerpts:

  • (HR giving his intro): “Jurm ki duniya mujhe gangster ke naam se jaante hai.”
  • “Humein pata karna hoga ye kaun hai. We need to find out who this man is.” (Translations are necessary, just in case any foreigners are watching the film)
  • “Tu apne aap ko bahut bada paagal kehta hai na? Chal paagal-paagal khelte hain.”

The Plot (Or the lack of it)

The plot is no good. The movie is all about showcasing HR’s talents/ body.


(This is how he shows that he is sad. Sigh)

Anyway, moving on. Raghu kills his arch enemies with panache, because – as he mentions in the film – to kill people all one needs is a “desi jigra” and “desi tamancha”. His lady love wears makeup even in jail. People are introduced to Raghu as “my almost ex-husband” (Who introduces her husband in that way?)

To tell people that the first half is over, the director actually decided to spell out the word INTERVAL for them. And thus I is followed by an N, followed by a T and… (You get my point).

Throughout the first half, Raghu is shown as a gangster whose wife leaves him because he confesses that he cheated on her. In the second half there is a MAJOR plot twist when he tells her that he is actually an undercover assassin (Whoa!) and cheating on her was a part of his job (Swag!).

Finally the film ends. And there remained only one question in my mind (because the rest of it had been sucked dry) – Why did Naseeruddin Shah and Shekhar Kapoor do Tera Surroor?

I guess I won’t get an answer for that.

My Review: 1/5

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