Lahore Attacks: Serves Them Right Or Is Wrong In The Name Of Humanity?

Just over a year ago, hundreds of children were shot in Peshawar in a school. While everybody participated in consoling the people belonging to the other side of the border, few chose to blame Pakistan for its own misdeeds and termed the nation as a deserving one.

Similarly, this time, the common public of India not only consoled the other part but also opted to criticize them. The internet is divided into two circles over the issue, the circles being non-exclusive.

The Lahore blasts which took place at a park was aimed at the Christian population that was gathered there to celebrate Easter. Reportedly, it has killed around 70 people and left hundreds injured. The attack’s responsibility has been taken by Jamaat-Ul-Ahrar, a part of the Pakistani Taliban.

The Deserving View v/s The Humanity View

A faction of public believes that Pakistan deserved the attacks. And the argument supporting this is that Pakistan, in past and present, has done a bulk of wrongs and, therefore, it is justifiable for Pakistan to suffer. A famous Hindi quote says, “Ghar mey saanp nhi paalna chaiyye” (one should not feed snakes in our own house.) Pakistan, allegedly, has been held responsible for various brutalities – Supporting Taliban, 26/11 attacks, ceasefires, ISI, Osama, etc. The list is endless. It is one of the worst countries to live in, as by some surveys. Pakistan has broken pacts and protocols, like holding meetings with separatists. This is Pakistan.

Now the question here arises whether Pakistan deserves these attacks? According to me, It’s a YES.

But did Pakistanis deserve these attacks? NO.

Citizens of a nation are represented by their leaders, governments and President. Surely, the Pakistanis have elected their politician themselves. Sure they consider their politicians a star. But is it fair to punish the people for the mistakes their government had made? For humanity’s sake, no unarmed gathering deserves an attack.

The Jallianwala Bagh massacre being the primary example. The world war was seen as an assassination of humanity. The political decisions of leaders decided the fate of their citizens. However, that was during the time when democracy was a misnomer.

The Islamic extremists who have originated in Pakistan, grown in Pakistan are now themselves attacking their own parent. What an irony. A brazing similarity of this can be made with the Naxalites in India. People should not forget that it is the same scenario. It’s just that the latter does not get much publicity and are not declared as terrorists.

But at this time of sorrow and scenario, one should not rub salt on a wound or pour petrol over the fire. A neighbour only helps a neighbour. One can blame it at someone, but one cannot ever decide who deserves it or not.


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