Instagram’s Speculated Update: Posts Will Not Show Chronologically: Worth It?

For all those who think I care about an Instagram update, I don’t. But the youth spends more time on it than breathing. So I figured they’d want to know about the new update. Here’s everything you need to know. Also, please get a life, thanks.


What’s the fuss about?

Instagram is about to introduce algorithmic feed. That is, the page or person whose posts you like the most, will show up more often in your feed; and the person whose pictures you don’t double tap that often, would show up less. This is so that you don’t have to scroll a lot to find the posts you want to see, and so that you don’t keep scrolling just to see the posts you actually came to see. It’s meant for user’s ease, but might hinder small businesses which operate through or by advertising on Instagram.

Because Facebook Figured: Why Not?

As we know that Facebook uses algorithms that show you things you actually care about on the top, for example a page whose posts you like the most would be on the very top of your newsfeed, or perhaps your girlfriend posted a status update, you’d be the first one to see it even if you somehow ignore the notification (also because if you don’t see her status update, she’d probably kill you), or suppose a totally random hot girl added you and you like her picture every time she posts one, then you’re bound to see her posts on the top (doesn’t matter that you’ve never actually seen her outside Facebook).

Now since we know that Facebook owns Instagram, it is bound to try its “esteemed” algorithms on Instagram, probably because it is running out of innovation, and you know how you need to keep changing and improving your product so that it remains popular? It’s actually a thing, I studied it in marketing.


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Problem with the chronological order

Chronological order shows you the latest posts first. So if you open Instagram weekly every Sunday, it is very likely that you see posts from Sunday and Saturday only, Friday if you scroll hard enough. So you might lose important bathroom selfies of people you stalk, and that is very disheartening.

Problem with the change

Well people are resistant to change in general, but this time it is not a general resistance, it is because if Instagram uses that algorithm too, then it’d probably become Facebook’s news feed – without the status updates. And in my short juvenile social media life, not once have I seen people posting on Instagram and not sharing the same post on Facebook (unless they’re too cool for Facebook you know, #toocoolforfacebook).

My opinion

I personally think that the search tab already shows everything related to what you like the most, so there’s no need for the inception of choice based algorithms.

Instagram itself won’t do anything to hurt its reach, and in response to numerous posts on all social media platforms against the change, it posted this:-



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