Takeaways From The New Game Of Thrones Trailer

Holy Mother of God.

HBO dropped the first trailer of Game of Thrones this morning, to the shock and surprise of all its fans.  Season 5, which ended with Ned Stark’s bastard being stabbed in the back (and in the front, too), was the most controversial of all its seasons with questions being raised about its use of sexposition and graphic violence. But hey, if we weren’t so into it, we should have been watching FX’s The Americans (Best show last year, btw), wouldn’t we?


Here are a few things I gather from this all-new trailer. *Book Spoilers Ahead*

Tower of Joy Flashback

Finally. What had been once promised by R.R Martin all those years ago in his first book of the series finally finds its way to the show this season. For those who only watch the show (Know this, I judge people for that), this may not make sense. But trust me when I say that, those few flashes of a young Ned Stark and his bannermen fighting the Targaryens, may just be the validation of the R+L= J theory we have all been hoping for.

No Arthur Dayne though. Not yet.


The Greyjoys Are Here

The Crow’s Eye, Euron is here. Probably the most bad-ass of all Greyjoys (think Oberyn Martell of the Iron Islands), Euron is Balon Greyjoy’s brother. Remember seeing that rainy shot of him in the trailer? I’ll bet that would be his introduction scene. Or the Kingsmoot, perhaps? In any case, yayy for Euron!


Hell’s going to break loose in King’s Landing

“Order your man to step aside or there will be violence.”

“I choose violence.”

That my friends, may just be the most quotable line of dialogue in a series full of them.

And it would seem that unlike in the books, Jaime is prepared to stand by his twin as she plots her revenge. A bit disappointing, really. Not only because I wanted him to tour Riverrun as he does in the books but, I was really looking forward to not watching any more incest. Plus, that would really bust the Valonqar theory.

As I see it, it’s going to be the Tyrell v High Sparrow and the Lannisters v High Sparrow in one-on-one contests. Oh, and then there is the resurrected Mountain as well. With the Hound too set to come back, seems like it’s Cleganebowl.

ouhngmfjye4hbnto5lweouhngmfjye4hbnto5lweWe still don’t know much about Jon Snow

Correction. We still don’t have confirmation of what we all know is going to happen. Jon Snow is dead, yes. But, as we all are guessing, Snow will be resurrected by the always-ready-to-undress servant of the Red God, Melisandre, so that he can finally be relieved of his oath to the Night’s Watch to flay Bolton’s ass.

We also don’t know much about Ser Davos, the Onion Knight other than the fact that he is in charge of security.

Oh, and the Night’s Watch wants to burn Snow’s dead body because well, nobody wants that guy to come back as a wight.


The North is just as exciting as King’s Landing

War. War and more War. The trailer promises much and more of all that we loved about Hardhome and Blackwater.

From what I can make out from the trailer, it looks like the Boltons versus a coalition of Northern Lords (Undoubtedly backed by Sansa and wherever she has run off to and possibly, Jon?) and a band of wildings (Remember, the wildlings from Hardhome were settled in the Gift, an area on this side of the Wall).

Reckoning awaits, you Bolton Bastard.

I loved the trailer.

Few disappointments too though. Hardly any Tyrion or Varys or Tyrells, nothing unexpected about Dany’s predicament (Oh, and the Sons of the Harpy are now blowing stuff up, btw) and I’m not still warm about Arya in Braavos. Plus, no Martells? After all that screen time last year?

And I know people are freaking out about Bran and the Night’s King but, chill. Maye it was just Bran using Greensight to intrude upon the Night’s King having an ice-cream.


That sums up the trailer from my side. Watch this space for the review of S06E01.

P.S: Melisandre, if you have sex with Jon Snow’s corpse, I’ll have to burn my eyes with wildfire.

P.P.S: The new trailer is a Red-Band Trailer. As if the previous ones were all fit for the entire family.



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