Transgender Band Sings With Sonu Nigam: A Step In The Right Direction By Y Films

By Niharika Ghoshal

Amidst much fanfare, a six member band, the 6-pack band was launched by the Y-Films at the Yash Raj Studios in January. Six transgenders from Mumbai and elsewhere were selected from a group of around 200 who auditioned to be a part of the band.

The video shows Sonu Nigam singing the song and joined by the band members, interlaced with a story of how a transgender, who is rebuffed by people, wins over friends after she saves them. It highlights how transgenders face prejudice and yet, are just like you and me, craving affection and acceptance from the society. Sab Rab De Bande has been composed by Shameer Tandon with lyrics by Nishant and additional rap lyrics by Varun Likhate. The 6 pack band’s first single, the cover version of Pharrel William’s Happy as Hum Hain Happy went viral, with over a million views in 24 hours.


The Brooke Bond Red Label 6-Pack Band, India’s 1st Transgender Band, has now released their second single with India’s most respected and talented singer, Sonu Nigam. Titled Sab Rab De Bande, the song is an adaptation of the teachings of the ‘Guru Granth Sahib’ and speaks about all humans being equal as we are created by the same Creator. Treating people differently based on gender, caste or creed is inhuman and cruel.

In India, the transgender population is not only abhorred but feared and avoided. They are deprived of basic human rights like the right to education, right to choose a profession and right to live in a place of their choice. Having no right to decide what profession to choose, they are mostly reduced to begging as a way to survive. India is recently fighting a lot against the taboo. With the appointing of the first Transgender Dean of a college in West Bengal to starting the first Transgender modelling agency- India is growing and speaking up.

India Eunuchs Festival

The advent of the 6 pack band will be a great initiative to make it large with celebrities like Sonu Nigam and Production houses like YRF films joining in to give it the platform it required to address people.

YRF films this previous year has touched a lot of topics like Gender Equality with the series- Man’s World, Pre-Marital Sex and Fundas in Indian Weddings with Bang Bajaa Bride and now 6 Pack is going to be the blast!


The youth as well as the working class crowd is making it viral and helping towards the virality of such sensitive topics. The LGBTQ community of India is growing large and the demand for abolition of section 377 is a rage among the community and its supporters.

Sonu Nigam’s association with 6 pack reflects his support and genuine approach towards the public about accepting the transgender community and treat them equal. Earlier too, Sonu Nigam has tried to associate with topics of nationality by humming the National Anthem far and wide with the Bollywood fraternity.


ED wishes Sonu and all those working towards this noble cause, the best of luck with their efforts to support the transgender community.

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