Wool Is Meant To Be Worn In Summers! Here’s Why And How

By Kshiteeja Tomar

As the mercury rises, our clothes drop off. With the advent of summers, people move to cotton and other light weight fabrics. And that is how it is supposed to be, right?
What if… we take the unconventional path and start wearing wool in summers?!

Yes, wool. The ultimate warmth provider and a loyal protector from the cold. The fabric that gets weird looks and up-shot eyebrows when worn in summers. And we don’t blame you… It’s how the world raised you: shorts for the sun, coats for the cold, right? But we can prove otherwise. From rom culture to technology, we present our reasons to welcome wool in summers…

Insulation works both ways

Wool has pretty amazing insulation properties, sure. But it works both ways, and your body is cooler than the environment during the dog days. So maybe you can use that? Get inspired by the Bedouins of the Middle East or the Tuaregs from the North African deserts who wear white wool in the summer.
You are literally too cool for summer. So keep the sun off your skin and beat the heat!


Because Looks matter…

Winter formals are so much more chic and crisp! And that’s because of the fabric: the wool. It keeps you warm AND hot? That’s a score!! So why not accommodate that in our summer clothing as well? Wool has an amazing drape and “feel”… for men, a sophisticated high-quality suit would do wonders. And for women, isn’t clothing that doesn’t wrinkle more than enough?


Wool is thirsty during summers, so wool drinks your sweat!

All thanks to lanolin (a natural wax emitted by the sheep’s skin), we now have fabrics that absorb odor far better than many other synthetic as well as natural fabrics. Considering how sweat patches are one of the uglies of summer, I see no one complaining about THAT! And not to forget, it serves as your knight in armour against the shining sun and prevents skin infection by keeping the harmful bacteria at bay. Oh yeah, the Dog Days are definitely Over. *yay*


Wool is what Mother Earth wears…

When you get something which is almost as soft as baby’s *ahem*, and expects nothing in return, shouldn’t you be thanking your stars? Apart from being soft and wrinkle-free, your woolies are 100% biodegradable, sustainable and composite in nature. Wool has the almighty power to outlive most of the synthetic and the natural fibers. And if for some reason, it chooses to bid us goodbye, remember and rejoice, it is just going back to our mother earth.


And if all of this doesn’t convince you, you can go and check out the (mainstream) Summer fashion Trends here!

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