Asia’s Largest Dry Port Gets Graffiti Makeover- WIP Street Art Show

It’s more than spilling colours over a wall wide canvas. It is painting a belief, an idiosyncrasy, a revolution. It’s someone’s catharsis that exudes more than what meets the eye.

In the morbid backdrop of Okhla, a make-believe of sorts has been painted, turning this nondescript commercial corner of Delhi into a landscape of colours.

‘WIP – The Street Art Show’ – a unique open-air exhibition that fueled in Delhi on the 1st of February aims to transform the largest dry port in Asia – Inland Container Depot in Tughlakabad, New Delhi, into a larger than life mural of expression with the vibrant art.

WIP stands for WORK IN PROGRESS. Just like our capital is constantly progressing and growing this art show endeavours to leave an indelible mark on the society.  Enough said.

Have a look at these pieces of art and what happens when creativity goes gaga.

1. Painting the city with life. St+art  


2. Redefining Norms


3. From black and white to bananas


4. Dynamic  Dimensions


5. Inside the Container


6. Graffiti are the weeds of Art


7. The revolution is painted


A must visit to break away from the static experience of an art gallery. Once the exhibition has closed i.e. on 28th February, the containers shall remain painted and travel in India for their initial purpose for transporting goods.

Hasn’t this swept you off your feet? Get going!


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