It Was And Will Always Be *Big Chill and Me* Forever!

By Niharika Ghoshal

I, me and myself this Valentine’s Day gets a little more special.

*Sounds like a plan*. What else does a foodie like me should even think of? A date with a boyfriend, mushy-mushy greeting cards in Red and Black and Pink teddy bear would make me feel nauseated this V’ day. Revealing my relationship status with ED gets extraordinary this time.


What’s Love got to do with it? *Plays in Background*

Romantic or sexual love can be sub-divided, varying from passionate love to companionate love via obsessive and nurturing, but why over-focus on mating partnerships at all? Romantic love might be the most written about, sung about and intense, but that intensity can involve intense emotional pain as well as pleasure. Other forms of love might be less dramatic – but that doesn’t always mean they are less important in our lives especially love for FOOD!

Love for food really can be “the greatest love of all” and it is worth the effort and analysis, as it is the key to obtaining all the other loving relationships in our lives. Yet we rarely make enough effort to make it or steal it! *Beg Borrow Steal

*The best person to plan for Valentine’s Day is you with a lot of Pasta, Pizza, and blah blah… burp!*

In fact, the plan of spending the day with myself and my eternal love ‘Good and Scrumptious food at Big-Chill’ is a better thought. The Big Chill Cafe doesn’t only serve the dishes that make me crave for more, they actually have built a small little corner in my belly that wants to be satisfied every now and then.


My affair with Carbohydrates, Lipids, Protein and a lot of Love

[Contains Explicit and non-adulterated content]

I am in food coma every time I read reviews of it online or even while staring at the pictures I have on my phone. I recently joined the Big Chill bandwagon and have been there quite a few times now. Whenever somebody decides to treat me, I take them to the Saket outlet in DLF Place Mall to enjoy the best food served in town.


I dived into sheer bliss when I first had this bowl of baked Pasta three years back. I couldn’t forget that moment when the first spoon of cheese and creamy pasta took an adventurous ride onto my belly from my mouth. The journey was tasteful and took me to a land where TASTE had no definition. I could cry a river that day because I had never tasted something so heavenly.

‘Chill got the chills’

Big Chill Cafe is the place to go to if you want to get an authentic feeling. Big Chill doesn’t only do wonders with its luscious food but the interiors and ambience are also something to witness in Delhi. The interior of the cafe is radiant and has been designed to give a retro feel. The walls are adorned with framed posters of yesteryear’s classics like Casablanca, Alice in wonderland, Hitchcock’s Psycho among the many.


Thinking of a one-stop destination for Italian food lovers who can hog over Chicken breast stuffed with cheese and mushroom, Cheese and spinach Risotto and desserts that make you drool, and actually, everything that makes you drool resides in one kitchen- The Big Chill Café.  It’s never only about the food you see.

After gorging on the elaborate menu thinking what I want to order. But I already had been through the menu like a thousand times in my dreams and it narrowed down to two dishes, Penne with Vodka and Chicken in Red Wine sauce and a blueberry cheesecake to make me feel the sugar rush I have been battling with ever since I saw *The Chocolate Factory* in my dreams last night.  The portions at Big Chill are so huge, that two very hungry people will be completely satiated by two dishes.


Taste is a feeling and not just any ordinary thing!

The penne pasta arrived first, plated well with a piece of brown bread on the side as I was just waiting to dig in. Heavy cream, vodka, and tomato based sauce aren’t just ingredients, it is what gives this pasta its real flavor and the gratifying portion of the pasta fraternity left me wondering if I’d be able to eat the Chicken.

Chicken in red wine sauce was up next. It did make me high *I was, what you call a person high on food- ‘Foon-ed’*. Tomatoes, Red Wine and who knows what other ingredients in a sauce cooked perfectly add the zing to the pasta. The sauce had pieces of diced chicken and mushrooms (#MakesMyMouthWaterAlready) which were delectable. The not so watery shakes and smoothies are best to help you finish those extra ounces of savour-filled portions which blended me in a 5-star way to chill this Valentines.

May the taste be with me forever and ever, Amen!

The affair of me and Big Chill never ends, it shall continue for years and years until our breath. If given a chance I could marry ‘Big Chill’ and keep the delectable dishes with me forever and eat it bite by bite until I would eventually explode. I hope I never get to share this love with anyone around. *Bitch mode on*

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