Takehisa Yumeji Museum, Tokyo- Virtual Tour Of The Shades Of Romance And Femininity

By Gayathri Naga

When was the last time you visited a museum? I am guessing, that would have been on your class 5 educational tour! Museums might often come across as the place for the nerdy kind or the art aficionados, but trust me, guys, museums are more than just educational, they can be fun, entertaining, all you need to do is step with an open mind to learn something!

ED’s here to take you on a virtual tour of The Takehisa Yumeji Museum in Tokyo and we’ll tell you what it has in store for you. So, y’all game?!

Konnichiwa! *Bows down*

Welcome to The Takehisa Yumeji Museum, Ladies and Gentlemen. Before we let you know what we have in store for you, we’ll tell about the Museum’s humble beginnings. On the 3rd of November, 1990 the museum was opened. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to the works of the popular Japanese artist Takehisa Yumeji!


So you might now ask, what’s so special about this one guy? A whole museum dedicated to his works, seriously? Well, be it his style of depicting women, the romance of the Taisho Era or his ability to transport you to the good old days through the hues of subtlety, everything about his work is so distinct and appreciated.

So, we are currently hosting a special art exhibition which is purely dedicated to the significant people in Yumeji’s life as a painter and poet. And we call it, “The People Surrounding Yumeji–Family, Friends, and Lovers…Records of Taisho Romance and Friendship–.”  The best part is that you will get to closely observe the themes of romance, femininity and family all spread over one time period in 20th century Japan.

So join as we celebrate love, life and beauty and pay tribute to this brilliant and timeless artist!

1. This painting to your left is of an aristocratic Japanese woman clad in a beautiful kimono.


2. This one is of two young girls who are casually conversing, it was a way of depicting their lifestyle.

yumeji23. The next on to your right is the symbol of femininity that Yumeji has so well portrayed.

yumeji34. The next painting is another Japanese woman in Kimono, because why not?


5.  This one depicts the scene of a picnic, with a man catching glimpses of the women.


This brings us to the end of our tour.

Hope you enjoyed the tour, it was lovely having y’all!

Do tell us in the comments below about your experience.

Official website of the museum: http://www.yayoi-yumeji-museum.jp/yumeji/outline.html

Image Credits: Google

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