ED Forecasts: Role Reversal in Indian Marriages: Stay At Home Dads

By Kshiteeja Tomar

It’s no surprise that Indian cinema is one of the major influences on the Indian culture. With the impending release of the new Bollywood movie, Ki and Ka, ED tries to forecast the fate of role reversal in Indian marriages.

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stay at home

So, what do you think? Aren’t stay-at-home dads or men who choose to stay at home and work, pathetic? I mean, seriously, can we really trust a guy to take care of the whole house while the woman goes out to make a living in a country like ours? Well….why not?

Since the industrial revolution, women have been the caregiver while men have been the “breadwinner”. But with changing times, the number of men opting to stay at home and choosing not to work has increased. With women entering the financial and the business sector, the notion of men not belonging to the kitchen seems like a long lost taboo in the Western countries. But in a country like ours where men are “born” to earn a living for their family, expecting them to stay at home doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Here are some reasons why we think role reversal would be a flop show in our country.

  • The Herculean/ Fragile Male ego:


What kind of man would want to eat off of his wife’s salary, again? The preconceived notion of the fact that the men are better than the women in every field is one of the reasons why men would never tolerate their wives paying the bills. This is not something their conscience would allow and the enormous (and fragile) ego will be able to handle.

  • The Stereotypical Indian Mindset:

It is rightly said that – it’s not always the Indian mind but the Indian mindset that doesn’t allow our country to move forward.


Pleasing the society is something almost all of us care about and by going against it you generally make a spectacle of yourself. So why go against it when following the herd works fine for you?

  • Because Hearts Are Important:

Researchers have showed that Home-bound dads or men who stay at home and work are twice as likely as to have a heart attack than the men who work in the offices. Seems like exercising spares no one.


So let us know what you think of man’s role reversal!

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