Snap(chat) ‘n’ Shop? Snapchat’s Plan To Update Its Discover & Shop Feature

By Jinelle D’Souza

Calling in all the Snapchat addicts out there! (including myself)

The ones who feel that they are incomplete if their snap chat doesn’t have at least 5 stories or if they’ve not seen everyone’s story on their list, okay, let’s get real, at least, the important ones, ‘coz we all know there are way to many people on that list. And let’s face it a lot of us are shopaholics and #PROUD. Well, I some Good News for you all.

You’ll know about Snapchat, the app that lets you snap-n-share and take videos as well. Let’s talk about its “Discover” feature that was introduced by snap chat about a year ago, it’s a feature that enables you to be just a swipe away from the latest news updates, trends, entertainment, etc. in its usual “Stories” format.

Snapchat collaborated with the world class media giants to build up its storytelling platform through this feature, that gives new updates that only last a day and change every day. So one can check out the daily content of their media collabs by tapping on their edition, swiping left to browse through screen photos, videos, and swipe up their Snap to know more.

“Each channel brings you something unique – a wonderful daily surprise!”, as quoted by Snapchat blog. Some of the first companies they collaborated with were CNN, MTV, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, Vice, National Geographic, People and now some other new ones were introduced like Mashable, BuzzFeed, Refinery29, etc.


Now Snapchat is planning to introduce something New & Exciting!

They are planning to transform their “Discover” feature into a commercial platform.

How will they do it?

They’re doing so through the channel “Sweet” that is a channel on Snapchat, which Hearst and Snapchat have done together. They are planning to start an e-commerce portal on that channel. By enabling ‘Snappers’ to buy from this channel, according to  Snapchat board member and editor in chief of Hearst publication Cosmopolitan, Joanna Coles. Snappers will only be able to buy products of selected brands.

This social media application is trying to position itself to become a content as well as an e-commerce destination, but will it? Only if it gets its data right as to how it will re-target its users elsewhere, off Snapchat, to become a full-fledged commercial portal.


“If Snapchat is able to open its platform, I think we will see it to an extremely valuable e-commerce channel,” said Christian Brucculeri, CEO, and director of Snapchat.

Anyone who has checked out the channel’s (Sweet) content on Snapchat will know why exactly it was selected for this task. This channel sometimes features Snaps of products from different brands, with a small description, and the prices as well.

So which of you all shopaholic feel this is a boon? Well, I personally can’t wait for it to happen!But I just hope that they tie up with some Indian e-commerce company, ‘coz I have no intention of wasting them dollars on shipping.

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