Political Hatred: Is Politics Really About Hating And Abusing Each Other?

My political science teacher once said, “Politics is all about gaining, enhancing and maintaining power.”

But today I can wisely say that politics is all about becoming a fan of a particular political party, following its leaders as God and abusing/attacking the other rival political parties.


For example,

If one is a BJP bhakt then he must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Must be an RSS fan.
  2. Modi is God.
  3. Abuse AAP and Congress, including violence.
  4. Every post must display hatred towards other rivals.
  5. Those who oppose BJP are Anti-Nationalists.
  6. Abuse anyone who opposes BJP.


If one is an AAPtard:

  1. Kejriwal is God.
  2. Must hate BJP and Congress.
  3. Must abuse rival parties.
  4. Connect every issue with Modi.
  5. Everybody is corrupt except Kejriwal.


If a Congressi (although it’s rare these days):

  1. Must abuse Modi very very very badly.
  2. Must abuse AAP members.
  3. Must have no logic in their argument against any party.
  4. Must abuse Modi.
  5. Must abuse Modi.

My point is not to outline the drawbacks of various party supporters, but to bring out to everyone the present nature of Indian politics. The political battle has grown so gruesome that it is hard to find a person who does not have any hatred for a particular party. Twitter is full of people who explicitly abuse leaders. They do not even hesitate to abuse a senior citizen who is trying to run a democracy or a woman, for that matter.


What is happening to us?

What has politics done to the citizens of this nation?

Is taking part in active politics confined to hating other political parties and criticizing them?

Fairly criticizing another is okay. It is acceptable as far it is not offensive or vulgar. But our criticisms have gone too far. If a political party has done some good then you should acknowledge it. If you do not have the courage to then, at least, have the decency to not comment.

A Normal Convo:

Naagrik1: Dude, Kejriwal has done some good by implementing odd-even.

Naagrik2: But dude he’s such a douchebag, he hugged Lalu.

Naagrik1: *Shoots himself*

Alert: I do not support AAP and I’m not advocating on behalf of AAP. This is just for the sake of an example.


Having a sentiment of disaffection or dissent is fine. But exaggerating it till the point it starts angering you isn’t. Cool down. Chill. Drink some Mojito. Your abuses won’t make you a zimmedar naagrik, neither will it give you a position in the government functioning.

We are world’s largest democracy, use it wisely. Don’t give Gandhi a reason to regret freeing the nation.

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